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Could’ve, Would’ve, Should’ve

Summer’s in full swing – the fish are biting, the bikes are cycling, the waves are peeling, the Grey Lady is green and colorful and the market continues to crank. The last $1,000,000,000+ year was 2014. At this point now compared to then, the total volume is up about $30,000,000, so I’m anticipating another $1,000,000,000+ year. I would think many buyers will take some money out of the equity markets as they are hovering at all time highs and buy a hard asset, like Nantucket real estate, that won’t cost much to carry and they’ll get to enjoy it. Time will tell…

On another note, showings are in full swing. Some listings have been on the market for multiple seasons, so a common question from a buyer is, “Why hasn’t this sold?”. There could be a million reasons – the property couldn’t be shown because of tenants, word on the street is the Seller is nearly impossible to work with, it was initially overpriced and is now stale and forgotten, but one reason that is commonly the case is there is nothing wrong with the property, Seller, etc., it’s just a good deal waiting to be had. For all the others, but the one who stepped up, it’s a classic case of could’ve, would’ve, should’ve.