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Epically Awesome

Dad can go a little bonkers sometimes, but regardless how you feel about what he writes, his writing is pretty dialed in and very entertaining. His dad, George Frazier, who I never met, wrote for the Globe, Life and other leading publications of the day. He was the leading jazz critic in NYC during the ’50-60’s – boom time jazz; rolled with the greats. I’ve heard he was the man. When someone writes a book about you called “Another Man’s Poison”, you’re probably the man. Some folks are really eccentric and most of the time it runs in the family.

So, to the market. It is and always will be strong. We have a diminishing supply and rising demand – does anyone see which way the arrow is going? I think it is pointing up. Sometimes the market takes a dip, but it’s amazing how late ACK gets in and how quickly she gets out. So, if you are a short term player, play well. Long term, the epically awesome continues…