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Nantucket is amazing right now. If you have any opportunity, come.

We’re in the thick of returning security deposits from summer rentals. It’s fascinating to see the different approaches of homeowners returning security deposits. One would think it is very cut and dry – there are 10 hours of exit cleaning included, the cleaner invoiced me for 15 hours, therefore the tenant owes for 5 hours of cleaning – let’s say at $40/hr. – $200. But, it really is not that cut and dry. If the tenant paid $25k for the week, do you think she’ll be happy to get a $200 deduction from her security deposit. Some don’t care and think it is business as usual. Others, though, take strong offense to it. There are many factors that play into the homeowners decision – were they a needy tenant, are they going to be a repeat tenant, were they gracious, etc. In my opinion, one of the most important traits a homeowner should use is finesse.

Tom Brady, Roger Federer – that’s finesse. Aaron Rodgers is finessing – good on ya, mate!