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Hustle and Bustle

Nantucket is an extraordinary place for many reasons, but especially because of the forward thinking of the people. To name a few examples, among many, think about these – the Nantucket Conservation Foundation started in 1963 and the first piece of land it acquired was an 0.9 acre parcel in Brant Point – “Bird Sanctuary” – tap root started. Now, NCF owns and manages over 9,000 acres. The Nantucket Land Bank is the first of its kind and is now used as a model across the country. The “Acceptance of Nantucket Islands Land Bank Legislation” was adopted at Special Town Meeting, January 17, 1984 by a show of hands – Yes, 293, No, 12. Wow… The Land Bank has since acquired over 2,200 acres for the use and enjoyment for the general public. In 1975, all of Nantucket, Tuckernuck and Muskeget became part of the Nantucket Historic District. This “District” is governed by the Historic District Commission to maintain architectural integrity on Nantucket Islands. Feels good to know you’re not going to have a suplex developed next to you. What’s a suplex, anyways? Sounds suspect.

To think we can ride a bike 10 minutes from a world class downtown – restaurants, shopping, social, etc. – and all of a sudden be in a swath of conservation land where you don’t see another human soul is jaw-dropping.

Market’s still firing. $491mm closed YTD compared to $433mm at this time last year, which was a $1bn year.