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Prime for the Pickin’

The market, in general, is well above the previous high and it doesn’t seem to be slowing. In the long run, Nantucket real estate values go the only way to the sky. However, if you are a more financially motivated than lifestyle Buyer and have the dough, there are some deals to be had, especially in the $5-10mm market. These are typically the listings where the Seller has either bought another property on Island (mostly an upgrade) and just doesn’t want to have two, big properties on Nantucket or they’ve had a fundamental change in their lives (moved to California, changed jobs, etc) and they can easily afford to take a hit; it won’t financially change their lifestyles. So, if you make them an offer within striking distance, they’ll probably bite. Feel free to contact your favorite ACK broker to hear ones we think are prime for the pickin’.

Happy Stroll!