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Under Construction

The building boom continues on Island, which has its pluses and minuses. The main plus is it fuels the local economy (and I get to see the cutting edge house/landscape designs, materials, craftmanship, etc. :-). The main minus is the disturbance it causes the surrounding area.

There used to be an unwritten rule to pare back exterior construction in the denser districts of Nantucket, like the Residential Old Historic (ROH) district, June 15 – Labor Day; it was common courtesy. Now, there are exterior sites going full bore all over these areas. I understand people want their homes done and there were lost work hours due to weather this past winter/spring so there were delays, but, regardless, they are missing this season anyways. Should there be a Town ordinance regarding exterior construction June 15 – Labor Day? debatable; I like small government, free markets and by no means depriving someone from making a living. Should there be common courtesy? Always.

The market continues to be strong.

Year to Date:

2018 – Volume: $517mm; Median Price: $1.465mm; Average Price: $2.199mm.


2017 – Volume: $478mm, Median Price: $1.268mm; Average Price: $1.967mm.