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What I like about winter buyers

Keep on whispering in my ear, tell me all the things I wanna hear, cause it’s true, they really wanna buy. If a buyer is willing to come on Island in arctic conditions in middle of winter, they’re probably serious. January is a great time for buyers to see properties because for the most part, they are vacant. Also, if a buyer likes a property when the flora is dormant, the sky’s typically gray and the house is shutdown for the season, then they probably are going to really like it in the summer. Believe it or not, many actually do make the mission to get a deal done making January a productive sales month. YTD, over $30mm has closed and there is at least another $150mm in the pipeline.

It’s been an eventful couple weeks on Island between the negative degree temps., the harbor freezing for about a week cancelling all boats (Stop and Shop had to move food from the downtown store to the mid-Island store to keep the natives at bay as rations dwindled) and the main sewer line busting. The sewer has since been fixed and the Strip area has been scrubbed and bleached; I actually had a client who recently commented how nice the Strip smelt:-) The harbor and beaches are in good shape; the system got flushed quickly.

Dow 26,000 – wow. Should be a strong season…