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Carol Miller

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Carol Miller has been a full time resident of Nantucket for thirty-five years. Her practical knowledge of the Nantucket real estate market enhances her understanding of the challenges of the housing issues on the island. Because of raising three daughters on the island, Carol has insight as to the family activities and amenities available on Nantucket. As former owner and manager of Nantucket's premier Salon and Spa, Carol has developed an awareness as to what people need and want in this unique community. She is the proud grandmother of four grandchildren. Carol and her husband,Robert, cherish their special moments with their family. She always had a passion and talent for interior design. This coupled with her knowledge of construction has been beneficial for the sellers when staging their home to list and to the buyers when they need to imagine the potential of a property.

Why Nantucket:
Most beaches +moors are as beautiful and wild as when I arrived 40 years ago.I can still walk on a beach without seeing a another soul. Seeing the sun make the ocean sparkle, watching a heavy fog roll, looking at the bright stars on a clear night are a special part of my life on Nantucket and why I don't think I can live anywhere else. Also, I like seeing people I know at the grocery store and down town, especially on days I don't need to get much accomplished.
Best part of J Pepper Frazier Real Estate:
Jpfco is a progressive company. Dalton and Pepper are always working to make things better for our clients and agents.The agents in our office work hard to find the perfect properties for their clients. They enjoy their successes and those of their co workers. I love that I can count on a high five for my efforts.
Best Event on ACK:
July 4 doesn't cost anything, you don't need to commit ahead of time and it's a great celebration to share with family and neighbors.
I love watching my children and grandchildren at the beach, playing sports or just hanging out. If they're not available, going to beach with a good book is lovely. I like nothing better than a great meal at one of our wonderful restaurants after a day at the beach
Way too many good restaurants to name.
Madequesham, Ladies and Pocomo are my favorites
Childhood Dream Job:
Architect I started drawing up house plans at 10..In my head I would constantly remodel my family home and I'm still doing it today.
Favorite Quote:
Nothing endures but change.
When not working:
Cooking, entertaining family and friends, indoor and out door gardening, collecting new and antique linens, making flower arrangements in my 50 plus collection of containers and vases.

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