J Pepper Frazier Real Estate

A local family real estate company since 1969

Libby Frazier

Libby Park, was originally born in Old Westbury, New York, but grew up in Tuckers Town, Bermuda. Libby eloped with J Pepper Frazier in the 1970's. She is the mother of Pepper II and Dalton, and the original business partner in J Pepper Frazier Company. Libby helped in the office as the book keeper, and was instrumental in setting up many systems that are still in place today. Libby loves island living and splits her time among her island homes in Boca Grande, Bermuda, and of course, Nantucket. Her hobbies include tennis, painting classes, golfing, basket weaving, and her many pugs and jack russells. She is also known for her beach plum jelly!

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