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Scott Corry

Phone: 508.364.7658

Scott Corry has been summering on Nantucket for over 40 years, and moved here year-round about 15 years ago. Anyone who knows Nantucket knows that the island has seen some dramatic changes over that time period. Scott has an exceptional understanding of this market and of the dynamic trend lines that drives it. As such, he can be relied upon as a valuable resource for anybody interested in developing a deeper understanding of the current Nantucket market and the direction in which it will be moving, both in the near and longer terms.Scott and his family have owned numerous properties around the island over the last 40 years, from Smith's Point to Baxter Road, and the single constant has been that not one of those purchases has ever been considered with regret. Nantucket real estate has been an uncommonly good investment for over 100 years, and it's one of the few investments a person can make that offers the possibility of financial reward while generating wonderful experiences and memories at the same time. Scott is happy to offer the benefit of his experience to anyone interested in Nantucket Island, whether you are considering buying, selling or renting a little piece of the Rock.

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