Nantucket Real Estate Facts


Investing in Nantucket Real Estate

The minute you step off the boat you see and feel the value around you. That feeling grows as you explore every unique nook and cranny the "Gray Lady" has to offer.

Fifty percent of the island is conservation land and the other fifty percent is closely monitored by a group of boards with the passion of preserving the integrity instilled over the last century. The conservation land is picturesque and available for the benefit of the public. Much more than that, it plays into the age-old economics theory of supply and demand.

Nantucket has very few areas still open to development. As the conservation groups are able to purchase more land, and as more families donate their properties to the groups, less land is available for sale.

The demand for Nantucket is ever increasing as the public realizes it is a stable, solid, income producing commodity, all the while being a pristine and special place where memories are made generation after generation.

If you are educated about the market and understand value in the context of the current economic climate you will be able to identify a property that works for you. If you combine your instincts with your current financial standing we will help to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

The property for you may be a waterfront cottage, an in-town colonial, or a piece of land to pass down through the family. We will walk you through the process of finding the right path and have a great time doing so.

Take advantage of the current buyers market and the low interest rates and make a life on the "far away land." There are currently some fabulous opportunities on the market and JPFCO can show you any property for sale on the island.

Real estate facts

  • 2013 Average selling price of a dwelling is $1,572,495
  • 2013 Median selling price of a dwelling is $872.500
  • Properties are selling for approximately 90% of asking price
  • Properties are selling for approximately 112% of assessed value

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