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Spring Rental Reminders

May 29, 2017       Issue: 217

J Pepper Frazier Company
Pool side, relaxing after all the rental details are checked off

Spring Cleaning…Getting the House Ready
  Recommendations to help make summer rentals run smoothly;

1. Schedule a PROFESSIONAL SPRING CLEANING; Inspect & upgrade linens, mattress pads, towels, and shower curtains.
2. Remove all personal belongings.
3. Replace batteries for smoke detectors and TV REMOTES.
4. Leave a detailed house manual, Test ALL TV's and WI-FI at the beginning of the season- display WI-FI password in an obvious place in the house.
5. Ensure storm windows are removed and screens have been installed.
6. Make sure cleaning company has been advised of turnover dates.
7. Trash: Set up trash pick-up days and include on note for tenant.
8. Water/Fuel: Turn on irrigation and outdoor shower. Fill fuel tank and light the pilots for the hot water heater, stove, grill and the furnace.
9. Grill: Make sure grill is working and clean. Get a spare gas tank.
10. Consider a hidden key in a secret place, such as outdoor shower, under a shingle etc, for a tenant who locks themselves out at 11pm.


The Tenants are Coming…Please Make Sure:
  For the Tenants

• Have a list of your caretaker, electrician, plumber, lawn care, trash pick-up etc, displayed in an easy to see location.
• Stock enough tissue paper, paper towels, batteries, soaps (bath, dish, laundry) and clear garbage bags.
• Recycling is mandatory. All trash bags must be clear plastic only. Please leave recycling rules for the tenants.
• Beach chairs are present and in good working order.
• All 2016 magazines/guides etc, are THROWN OUT, we will bring the 2017 editions to the house.
• Departure instructions displayed at house- preferably in a house manual. Such as: please strip beds, start laundry, take out trash, empty dishwasher, etc.


  Supplies and Schedules

Cleaning supplies: Please have the following available, it will help keep your home clean during the rental period:
A vacuum
A broom with dust pan
Several trash cans, with lids so that animals do not get into the garbage
Basic cleaning products such as Comet, Fantastic, Windex, Murphy's Oil Soap etc.

Lawn/Outdoor Maintenance:
Schedule grass cutting every 7-10 days.
Plant window boxes and gardens, and have them weeded.
Wash outdoor furniture and arrange for outside entertaining.
Have an adequate supply of lawn chairs and chaises depending upon the occupancy capacity of the house.


Do We Know?
  We love working with you!

Have you shared: your wi-fi password, caretaker and cleaning information with JPFCO? If not, please forward these house details.

If you have any other questions, please let us know. We are here to assist. Taking care of all of these items NOW is 100% easier and less expensive than trying to fix/repair/turn on these items once a tenant has already arrived.

By following the above suggestions, you have a MUCH HIGHER likelihood of getting REPEAT BOOKINGS, which makes the following rental season flow so much better.

Thanks for working with JPFCO, and please send us your current calendar update if you have recent bookings.

It can also be beneficial to forward this e-mail to your caretaker.
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