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Nantucket Real Estate Updates

Jun 1, 2017       Issue: 359

J Pepper Frazier Company
Nantucket Tulips
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  More Amazing By the Day

I had, literally, to go off Island to testify in a court case. The criminal cases came first, so the judge called break for lunch. I went to a very cool restaurant on Barnstable Harbor. There was a big crew next to me. So, I was solo at the top place in Barnstable eating a lobstah with a big crew next to me. Guess what they were talking about? How they just wanted to be on ACK - the Rock is extraordinary.

There's only so much supply and when equity markets are at all time highs, I'm willing to bet that demand will continue to rise. Econ.101. Let the games continue!


On a nice Sunny Winter Day we made it happen the JPFCO way because we are about ACK all the way. So it was an easy trade from the start but then the home inspection came into play. Time to make it happen JPFCO style. We know the Buyer loves machines and machines we have. The Seller kicks in a bobcat and we call it a wrap. This is how we make it happen the JPFCO way!!!

  Social Media + Rental Houses

Fun in the sun, doing deals, and providing stellar customer service are our priorities at the office of JPFCO! With a rental inventory of about 1,000 homes we strive to match up Nantucket visitors with the vacation home that is most perfect for their needs. Featuring homes on social media, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter better helps us to play vacation home match-maker!

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74A Madaket Road $5,295,000

Remarkable newly completed spacious house, cottage and pool set on two sweeping pastoral acres less than a mile from Main Street. Beautifully executed construction with choice materials, exquisite craftsmanship, and intensive thought put into the many house details. There are delightful finishes, and a wonderful floor plan that is designed to have spacious, airy, and light filled rooms that seamlessly transition to outdoor spaces. Exterior living includes a large covered back deck, that views a lovely heated, Pebble-Tec pool surrounded by a spacious bluestone patio and lush rolling yard. The stone work is amazing! New construction and easy access to town and multiple beaches, this one is not to be missed!
  74A Madaket Road 
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  Honking Captain

All right kids. 'What time is it? Of course it's time for my mind expanding, Super Duper, bi-weekly news letter, from which you will get information that, if used properly, should keep you out of jail. Yes, even better than that tattered old 'Get out jail' card. Of which, The Clintons seem to have a trove, and they certainly seem to have been effective, for the time being, at least. Now for my brain twisting, 'Fount of Knowledge' quiz. Not only is this one difficult, but it will get you free drinks at any bar in the world. No bars in Saudi Arabia? Too bad. But the camels and sheep will be pleased.

And now, as promised: The quiz. The same actor assumed the identities of acting, 'law and order' and humor icons Clarabelle and Captain Kangaroo. That would be akin to a combo of Babe Ruth and Sandy Koufax, all in one. And while, beyond doubt, the guy's a top-tier performer, I'll, none the less, still give you a 'leg up.' Suspense can be terrible, so to help you out, in accordance with my eelymosary nature, I will provide these clues: It was not Laurence Olivier, nor was it John Wayne. Both men possessed the mind boggling talent, but, alas they were two tall.

MGH has reserved a cot for the safety of my reader(s). We asked for two cots and the 'higher ups' at the hospital said: Why? Of course, MGH's irrefutable logic may not be denied. The tension is stifling the air (an analogy that has something to do with a butter knife). And now for the envelope (Drum Rolls, Please). The answer is Bob Keesaw, a man of un-matched ability. Thank-God. Keep those Howdy Dowdy tapes hidden away: They've just dramatically increased in value.

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