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Nantucket Real Estate Updates

Jun 15, 2017       Issue: 360

J Pepper Frazier Company
Brant Point Pot Of Gold
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Jun 14, 2017


Jun 14, 2017


Jun 14, 2017


Jun 14, 2017

Tom Nevers
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Apr 28, 2017

Fishers Landing

May 3, 2017


Apr 7, 2017

Mid Island

May 2, 2017

Tom Nevers

  Epically Awesome

Dad can go a little bonkers sometimes, but regardless how you feel about what he writes, his writing is pretty dialed in and very entertaining. His dad, George Frazier, who I never met, wrote for the Globe, Life and other leading publications of the day. He was the leading jazz critic in NYC during the '50-60's -- boom time jazz; rolled with the greats. I've heard he was the man. When someone writes a book about you called "Another Man's Poison", you're probably the man. Some folks are really eccentric and most of the time it runs in the family.

So, to the market. It is and always will be strong. We have a diminishing supply and rising demand - does anyone see which way the arrow is going? I think it is pointing up. Sometimes the market takes a dip, but it's amazing how late ACK gets in and how quickly she gets out. So, if you are a short term player, play well. Long term, the epically awesome continues..

  Drone On

Good stuff, Summer has begun and we are having fun. The Island is a great investment and even a better time!!! We at JPFCO make it happen in all the ways. We drone, do you drone? Wanting to show a listing in its best light and part of our marketing plan was drone shots with SFA views. Sweetchious views were not to be had on the first day we tried, or the second, or the third. But what we won't do for our listings, fifth field trip was the snapshot day.

We got our drone on and our listing sold! Give JPFCO a call, let's make it happen and enjoy the views together!

  Introducing 28 Centre Pointe

Summer is here, Yippee! Visitors have begun to arrive and houses that were recently cold and empty are now filled with warm summer sunshine and the sounds of life and good times. Going to the beach, touring historic streets and enjoying delicious Nantucket fare is what makes a Nantucket summer so grand; the other part of what makes adventures what they are, is returning home to a beautiful, inviting and cozy house.

Summer is a great time to freshen up the look of any room with attractive beach/Nantucket items that make a big statement. With so many shopping and decorative options it may be difficult to know where to turn when choosing stylish pieces for your home or rental property. Allow the talented associates at 28 Centre Point, Nantucket's newest local home goods store, to guide you through their wonderful mix of high quality home furnishings and elegant, coastal-inspired decor. Decorative items such as pillows, blankets, hand woven rugs, baskets, lighting, tabletop treasures and much more can enhance or breathe new life into your space.
5 North Road $11,750,000

New construction in Shimmo with truly superb water views. Nantucket Harbor, Great Point and Brant Point lighthouses can all be enjoyed from almost every room of this home. A celebrity line up of professionals created this masterpiece, the property boasts design by Botticelli and Pohl, building by Ed Toole, and interiors by Cynthia Hayes. Centrally designed and beautifully furnished to showcase the harbor views, the layout flows seamlessly from the grand entry way to the thought of everything kitchen and numerous living areas. There is a grand staircase, wide plank flooring, various balconies, and pool with integrated hot tub and water feature. Additional guest space includes a one bedroom apartment above the two bay garage. Breathtaking sunsets included. This property also includes deeded access to Shimmo Pond Association and mooring rights.
  5 North Road 
» Land Bank Adds new O Exemption
» New Nantucket Meat & Fish Market
» Back to Nantucket with a new Mystery
» Gosnold to Open Island Treatment Facility

  Keep honkin'

Ok. Ok. I get your drift. Enough already (A wee bit of Brooklynese. Once a Dodger fan always a Dodgers fan) with Captain Kangaroo and Claribell. We don't care who's the greater of these two uber duper super stars. And, no, I can give no logical reason why the Captain Kangaroo line of clothes wasn't wildly successful, maybe, possibly hindered by debuting on the heels of the unimitable (thank God) and, of course, fashion setting Nehru Jacket, was just too hard an act to follow. A rare failure by noted couturier Buffalo Bob. Even he has to have a miss now and then.

With the important stuff out of the way, let's deal with something not so dear to our hearts. Money. You know, good ol'd wampum. Scratarooty. As Barrett Strong sang, "Money; that's what I want." Be you of the left or right political wings, and quite frankly, I don't care, because you're both going to benefit, unless you insist on keeping your Uncle Sanders' poster posted. Trump is pro-business, understands taxes and is going to create tremendous value. If you think dealing with foreign 'Dignitaries' is difficult. Wait a second, I can't stop laughing. Foreign Dignitaries? Thats right up there with (I hope you haven't eaten) The Fashionable Regis Philbin.' Fashion Designed Clothes.' By whom? The leader of No. Korea? Who, in case you're interested, may be the last man(?) wearing the aforementioned, extremely tasteful, and hard to get (for obvious reasons) item. Look in the platform shoe aisle. Philbin-Fashionable? That's an oxymoron, on a par with Clinton integrity.

Oh well, maybe I should have stuck with The Good Ol' Captain.

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