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Nantucket Real Estate Updates

Aug 1, 2017       Issue: 363

J Pepper Frazier Company
A Bi-Weekly Newsletter About Nantucket Real Estate.
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Oct 4, 2018

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Oct 3, 2018

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  Could've, Would've, Should've

Summer's in full swing - the fish are biting, the bikes are cycling, the waves are peeling, the Grey Lady is green and colorful and the market continues to crank. The last $1,000,000,000 + year was 2014. At this point now compared to then, the total volume is up about $30,000,000, so I'm anticipating another $1,000,000,000 + year. I would think many buyers will take some money out of the equity markets as they are hovering at all time highs and buy a hard asset, like Nantucket real estate, that won't cost much to carry and they'll get to enjoy it. Time will tell...

On another note, showings are in full swing. Some listings have been on the market for multiple seasons, so a common question from a buyer is, "Why hasn't this sold?". There could be a million reasons - the property couldn't be shown because of tenants, word on the street is the Seller is nearly impossible to work with, it was initially overpriced and is now stale and forgotten, but one reason that is commonly the case is there is nothing wrong with the property, Seller, etc., it's just a good deal waiting to be had. For all the others, but the one who stepped up, it's a classic case of could've, would've, should've.

  The Big Boater

Life is too sweet to live without making it happen. The other day we said bye to July and here comes August. We had a deal and the Buyer is a big boater. The Buyer was adamant about having their boat for August but there is no place to moor their boat.

Time to make it happen the JPFCO way. We throw out the mooring ball, give a place for their boat and another deal is done. Happy August!!!

  Here Comes August

With 75+ degree weather, cloudless blue skies and the warmest swimming conditions yet. It doesn't get much better than this! For those on island, take in the August warmth and for those of you elsewhere, what are you doing? Throw those Jeeps in gear, there are still plenty of solid rental options for last minute bookings!

J Pepper Frazier Company has a rental inventory of over 1000 homes, sure to satisfy any living style and accommodate any budget. Today's featured rental: 36 Madequecham Valley Road is a fantastic 3 bedroom, 2 bath home just 100 yards away from the beach! This sweet spot has great availability for August, great water views and could be the backdrop to your last minute Nantucket summer getaway! You don't have to dream about the sounds of waves crashing and ocean breezes from your own private deck, a call to JPFCO today can make those dreams a reality!
    36 Madequecham Valley Road  
7 Gardner Street $2,495,000

This 1880 Greek Revival home offers enchanting gathering space, with Double Parlor Rooms, right in the heart of town. Amazing entertaining & lounge spaces, lofty proportions & light filled interiors make it a wonderful space to pass the time, with no need to rush when everything is right at your doorstep. Enjoy the island with ease. Large, lush back lawn in town with dining patio and lounge space for relaxing from sun up to sun down. Garden backs up to the famous Three Bricks on Main Street. Peace & serenity in town. Outdoor shower provides extra bath, island style, in summer months. Kitchen with large walk in pantry and a back door leading to the large Garden - An entertainer's dream. House has state of art central HVAC, a rarity in the Historic District. Private Driveway with off-street Parking.

Entire adjacent Lot available for sale for additional $895k, with fully approved plans for a 2nd home, a spacious 2500sf, 4 beds & 4.5 baths. This property is a rare gem, with potential for an in-town compound.
  7 Gardner Street 
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  Car Dealers

Getting away from real estate, to ponder the riddle that the more unappealing a car dealer is, the more he (or she) has a tendency to do their own commercials. I mean look at the line-up of guys and girls that just can't wait to stick their mugs in front of the camera. Ernie Boch? He didn't even take the time to put his rug on correctly. And if that wasn't a rug, it should have been.

Then there's Joe Lehan on the Cape. Give me a break. Who came in second? Then we have this guy in Florida, who is, I believe, the country's largest KIA dealer. He appears ad nauseam on T.V. with his sidekick Caroline. All he can say this is ‘Going to be Huuugh Caroline.' 'Right Caroline?' And then he says Huuugh four or five more times. Maybe there is some merit in riding a bicycle. And just for the hell of it, I'm going to throw Earl Shibe (he of the car paint job) in there as well. You don't see appealing people like Herb Chambers or Bob Rosenthal doing their own commercials. That would make too much sense. I guess they don't have enough ham, (parma or otherwise), in them. So pass the pasta fazool and welcome to August. I know they’re not car dealers, but oh my gosh, how could I forget Barry and Elliot? Living examples of the old adage, that a little bit of talent goes a long way.

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