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Nantucket Real Estate Updates

Sep 15, 2017       Issue: 366

J Pepper Frazier Company
Monomoy Shower Views
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Oct 20, 2018

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  Your Basement's Like a Work of Art Baby

September is an amazing month on Island. Weather is gorgeous, you can get into any restaurant, find a parking space, catch fish and waves, and the list goes on. Also, it is a great selling/buying month - sellers make sure the house is in tiptop showing condition and buyers are focused on buying rather than being on vacation.

So, I've been showing a lot of real estate recently. One contrast between older (let's say pre-2000) and newer houses that keeps being apparent is the older houses, for the most part, have shallower basements. For whatever reason, basements constructed pre-2000ish have 8' or less walls and few, if any windows, and post-2000ish houses have at least 9', and many times 10', walls and many windows. I remember growing up on Island going into basements and you'd have to push the cobwebs out of the way, be careful about inhaling too much mold and on top of that, there was very little natural light - dungeon central. Now, the lower level (no longer called "basement") is as nice as the rest of the house.

$629mm on the books and $208mm in the pipe.

  Tenant At Will

We love to make it happen; sell or buy we try no matter what the circumstances. The other day we were closing on a property but there was a tenant at will. Time to make it happen JPFCO style. The tenant at will got a year lease and the Buyer bought another property to house the tenant in the upcoming future. We like to kill two birds with one stone. Let's make it happen!!!

  Fair Isle Gratitude

As the news stations continue to cover hurricane ravaged areas of Texas, the Caribbean and Florida, and those who have lost their only home, we remind ourselves to be grateful; grateful for so many things including that we have been spared by such disasters and that we delight in the pleasure of enjoying the unique and natural beauty that is Nantucket. For such a small island, there is a wide variety of life experiences here and no matter what your vantage point, there are always blessings to be counted.

For some, visiting our fair Isle is a year in the making accompanied with lofty expectations and a great need to disconnect and decompress. For those lucky enough to be in the position to lend their homes as the stage for great expectation and lifelong memories, a certain kindness and consideration must be remembered... At the tail end of another successful rental season, we reflect and think carefully about our experiences and about how we can improve.

In regards to rentals and homeowners, providing stellar customer service and an unforgettable experience might be first and foremost, take into consideration how you might go above and beyond what is expected for next season. Taking necessary steps to repair, upgrade and prepare your property should be priority when expecting the impressive rental income that Nantucket summer visitors are willing to pay. Gratitude for these visitors and their ongoing interest in our island and especially in our rental program is imperative to grow and continue healthy rental relationships and opportunities.

If you have any questions or ideas you'd like to discuss about how you can improve your property or grow your rental prospects, call your favorite agent at JPFCO; we are happy to help!
12 Monomoy Creek Road $18,495,000

Incredible opportunity to own your very own Monomoy Dream home. House is brilliantly sited on a natural peninsula to take advantage of views of both the Nantucket harbor, town, and Monomoy creeks, stunning Brant Point sunsets, and easy direct beach access. Brand new construction with sophisticated and classic architecture lines, and no execution detail excluded. This home boasts a spacious and deluxe chef's kitchen, flowing floor plan, media room, central elevator, 6 bedrooms all en suite, and picture perfect balconies for sailboat viewing. Exterior features include wrap around porches, a lovely pool with integrated hot tub, stone gas fire pit, large blue stone patios, and have we mentioned the water views?
  12 Monomoy Creek Road 
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  Pronoun Problem

Enough is enough. Bradley Manning, who is receiving sympathy for his/hers/its cancellation of a proposed speech at Harvard (If you'll pardon the expression; Which I won't). Oh, I see it's Okay to be a traitor, clothe yourself in cowardice and put untold patriotic soldiers in Harm's Way. That's fine. No way. I'm sick of these sniveling in grates, who, in my opinion, should be lined up and shot or at least made to watch 24 hours straight of Jerry Lewis' movies. Ok, maybe that is a wee bit too harsh.

This is not a right wing, left wing thing. And if you don't like it: I suggest a summer in Ho Chi Minh City rather than the the tumultuous confines of Surfside. Americans are the most charitable people in the history of the world and there are channels for legitimate protest, but treason IS not one of them, nor is the killing of innocent people. One of the reasons real estate is a a constantly evolving business is that Buyers/Sellers can transform in a free and honest society. Let's put it this way, America is not only a wonderful place but a constantly evolving work of art. Whatever your political affiliation, Celebrate America.

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