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Nantucket Real Estate Updates

Oct 24, 2017       Issue: 374

J Pepper Frazier Company
Homeowner Update 2017

  Looking Back at Another Successful Summer Rental Season on Nantucket

2017 was a season that started strong and ended with an active hurricane season! Nantucket soaked up more than 12 inches of rain during September, affecting the early fall shoulder season, numerous weddings and stranded guests! Luckily many of these wayward travelers were able to make their way on island after hurricane Jose fizzled out and for the most part, nuptials were exchanged as expected, even if after a bit of last minute, Nantucket style damage control!

Once the winds calmed, the skies cleared and so did our assessment of 2017 rental happenings. We noticed a light to very moderate increase in rental rates resulting in a consistent number of rental bookings in comparison with the last 2 to 3 years. Numbers are strong and stable; we are pleased to have received an abundance of positive feedback. This season the launch of JPFCO's new website was met with rave reviews! Visually attractive and one of the most user-friendly websites, visiting on both desktop and mobile devices is a breeze.

Homeowners have been delighted with consistent booking rates over the past several years and seem to have set expectations higher and higher with each season. We want to remind homeowners to expect normal "wear and tear" to their homes in exchange for tenant rental dollars. This is in no way saying that legitimate security deposit deductions are not allowed, it is just a friendly reminder to keep expectations in check and that happy tenants who are treated fairly, are often repeat tenants.
  Homeowner Update

An increase in early bookings is a plus. Tenants are booking earlier and earlier each year with high hopes for re-booking a favorite spot or exploring different options while calendars are still open. We are already busy booking for next year, please call in, e-mail or click the Homeowner Update link on our website to update your 2018 rates and dates so we can start selling your available weeks.

Once you have visited our new site and have updated 2018 rates and dates, take a moment to review your rental listing on Please note any changes or additions you might like to make. Also, please be sure to provide us with useful information including

Caretaker contact info
Cleaning service company and contact number
Number of cleaning hours included in your rental rate
Trash service, days of pick up
WIFI password

Updated photos are one of your strongest marketing tools and we are happy to visit your property to shoot updated images or replace any photos you may wish to send in.

We greatly appreciate you taking the time to update us. Please just click the below link to our website update, or hit reply to this email, or contact the office at 508-228-3202. Cheers to another great season!
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  Top Rental requests for 2017

• Central Air Conditioning is consistently one of the most common requests.

• We also noticed a rise in requests for ensuite bathrooms.

• We heard an interesting increase of requests for countertop appliances such as, Vitamix blenders, Panini sandwich press, ice cream makers and tenants are often interested in what type of coffee makers will be in their rental.

• Close proximity to town and the ability to walk to the beach are common requests.

• Requests for pools and homes with water views were popular items on tenant wish lists.

• More tenants asked for updated interiors and furnishings than previous years.

• Inquiries for homeowners to provide ferry tickets is common year after year. For homeowners that are interested in providing this courtesy to their tenants, the Steamship Island preferred Program/ Head Start Program is offered to homeowners and allows you to make up to 5 reservations in January, 3 of which are transferable. If the reservations are unused, the reservation is cancelled and you are refunded the money. Contact Steamship Authority to sign up or for more information. 508-477-8600

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