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Nantucket Real Estate Updates

Apr 15, 2018       Issue: 385

J Pepper Frazier Company
Cisco Sand
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Mar 27, 2019

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Doesn't necessarily matter what it is, but if presented properly it'll overcome. The market's strong; get your Nehru jacket while available.

  Earning Trust

Gorgeous days and deals with the antique wheels around the Island. Daffodils blooming, JPFCO growing and making it happen. We are a family and this is why our clients are our friends and our friends are our clients. Trust cannot be bought nor sold it must be earned and that is why we have loyalty. The other day we were doing a deal but the Buyer was a bit shy on the dough, time to make it happen JPFCO style. The Seller trusts team JPFCO because they know we are one. We ask the Seller to hold a note on the property, they agree and we make it happen. Loyalty is not a royalty, trust in team JPFCO and We will make it happen. Happy Daffy!!!

  Nantucket Tradition

The last week of April on Nantucket we enjoy the annual Daffodil Festival, a weekend of fun events to celebrate the awakening of spring. This is a long-held Nantucket tradition since the 1970's; Islanders participate in a parade of daffodil-adorned classic cars followed by a community tailgate picnic in 'Sconset. There are activities for all ages and even the adults enthusiastically dress up in flowery hats and regalia. It is a festive time on the island that everyone looks forward to after long, cold winters. JPFCO participates with our very own classic car and we invite you to join us!
92 Goldfinch Drive $1,550,000 furnished

Luxurious and spacious with Naushop amenities, this is the nicest house in the community. Inviting from its generous foyer or beautiful mudroom entrances into the heart of the home's large gourmet kitchen. Entertaining spaces flank the kitchen with a coffered ceiling living room, dining space for lavish dinners, and sets of light filled sliders that lead to the beautifully landscaped back yard. Spacious and flowing, there are five bedrooms among three full floors of living space. This house is new with a fancy modern feel and is ready for summer enjoyment and entertaining.
  92 Goldfinch Drive 
» Heinz Kerry Hulbert Avenue Property Trades Hands
» Nantucket Voters Elect Veterans & Newcomers
» Nantucket's $30 million Tax override gets just one vote
» Islanders well represented in 2018 Boston Marathon

  Nantucket Differences

I am asked with some degree of frequency; 'What's the difference between Nantucket and the Vineyard?' Well, granted they're both Islands, but I think the similarity just about ends there. While I am not an extremely big fan of regulations, in Nantucket's case, they work. For one thing Nantucket is about 1/2 the size of the Vineyard and although it is tough to visualize, Nantucket and Bermuda are about the same size. And talking about tough to visualize, Nantucket is the nearest public airport in the world to Bermuda.

From the early days of whaling Nantucket was a matriarchal society, producing such towering figures as Maria Mitchell (astronomy) and Lucretia Mott (suffrage).The able-bodied men were out to sea. I understand it was a great place to be the 'village idiot.' Nantucket is its own Town and County, the Vineyard is very fractured, leading to conflicting rules and regs, and different governing Boards. Aside from the females, Quakers were the dominating class (read merchants).

On Nantucket cannibalism was condoned and slavery was not. In fact, Nantucket was a link in the 'underground railroad.' If you want a fuller understanding read Nat Philbrick's great, and I do mean great, book, 'In the Heart of the sea.' The true story of the whale ship Essex whose hull was smashed in by and the constant ramming of a giant white whale. One of the crew on the Essex just happened to be a certain Herman Melville. Don't get me wrong there are some great spots on the Vineyard, but I believe the two Islands evolved differently 200 years ago. 30 miles was a long way away and pretty damn remote. Why go there. In the 1800's Nantucket was the most affluent town in the country. Enough said.

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