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Nantucket Real Estate Updates

May 15, 2018       Issue: 386

J Pepper Frazier Company
Boating Nantucket
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Mid Island

  Three Commas

And, all of a sudden, the season is upon us. YTD dollar volume is approx. $325mm. Compare to the billion dollar plus years of:
2017 - $238mm
2014 - $225mm
2005 - $295mm
2004 - $335mm

Despite difficult travel conditions up until recently, the real estate market posted strong numbers. With a start like this, high equity markets and low interest rates, seems this market's volume is going to end up with three commas.

Let the season begin!

  Selling and Leasing

We love Spring on Nantucket with the Daffodils blooming, the birds chirping, the restaurants opening and the water warming; It is pure paradise. We had two Sellers but one was also a Buyer. The One Seller that was the Buyer as well liked the other Seller's house but this Seller did not want to close until the Fall so that they could enjoy the summer on the Island. The Buyer/Seller wanted to close on the other Seller's house in the Spring but was in no rush to sell their house. Time to make it happen JPFCO style. We sold the house to the Buyer/Seller and leased the Buyer/Seller's house to the Seller for a nominal amount until the Fall. This is how we make it happen at JPFCO. ACK all the way!!!

  Beware of the Rental Scam

While perusing one of Nantucket's commonly used housing search sites we came upon one of our rental homes being offered for rent. To our surprise the price was VERY off and the person posting the advertisement was not from our office or any other known Nantucket real estate firm. We immediately suspected a scam and contacted the homeowner to question and sure enough, she knew nothing about this posting!

Unfortunately this happens all too often in recent times. Technology makes it very easy for scammers to lift photos and rental information into a fake advertisement. Unknowing renters see a deal online, often times that looks 'too good to be true' and they quickly take advantage of what they think is an 'opportunity' and send in the funds. When they show up to what they believe is their summer rental, they are typically met at the door by puzzled tenants who have booked through a legitimate avenue. Instead of the start of a sunny Nantucket summer, they are stranded scam victims with no place to stay and usually out tens of thousands of dollars! Don't let this happen to you! Do your homework and enjoy your first night on Nantucket in peace and not in crisis. And, even better yet, let your JPFCO real estate agent do the work for you.
8 Masaquet Avenue $5,495,000

Price includes newly built main house, pool, and pool cabana on a beautifully landscaped and mature treed 2.2 acre lot that is less than 1/2 mile to sought after Surfside Beach. This estate is a breathtaking collaboration between Fitch Construction, Milton Rowland & Associates and Olson Design. A stately circular driveway leads to the multiple dwellings that span this highly vegetated and extensive lot. All structures have been conceived and executed with a modern and sophisticated buyer in mind. The developer will work with the Buyer to customize finishes. This is the ultimate, Nantucket retreat with a private, end of the road Surfside location. You'll never leave...
  8 Masaquet Avenue 
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  Expanding Nantucket Seasons

Wowy. Zowy; I not even sure that my spelling is correct. But you get my drift. The Nantucket Chamber of Commerce has done an incredible job of extending the 'season.' From what was essentially the end of the school year to the Tuesday after Labor Day. The last date was etched in stone; the side walks 'rolled up' after Labor Day and that was the end of the game until next summer.

Along comes The Chamber of Commerce and creates an event called Daffodil Day. Now this is a great event, taking full advantage of the beauties of the Town, The Moors and 'Sconset. Three incomparable places, not to mention the slew of antique cars that parade up Main Street on their way to 'Sconset where some serious, and I do mean serious, tail-gating will take place. On the other side of the calendar they have created the Christmas Stroll, an event that takes place in the middle of winter. If you've been in Nantucket in December you will quickly discover that 'The Grey Lady' is no mis-nomer. This event creates millions of dollars for the Nantucket economy with all the restaurants and inns being full, people opening up their houses and getting away from the hum-drum of city life. The Chamber has also added the film, wine, and the cranberry festivals. The latter being a 'show case' for the truly excellent job The Nantucket Conservation has done.

Nantucket, truly a remarkable place.

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