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Nantucket Real Estate Updates

Sep 1, 2018       Issue: 393

J Pepper Frazier Company
Nantucket's Jetties
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  Leaves are Falling, Market's Rising

The market continues to show undoubtable strength. Makes sense - equity markets are at all time highs, interest rates are still low, rental market is strong, sun is shining, fishing is on fire and the island is as amazing as ever. Seems like it is going to blow through the $1b benchmark, especially because there is still great inventory. YTD closed volume is $580m, there's at least $300m in pending deals and we are just entering what are traditionally our two biggest months - September and October.

To potentially add to demand, I heard a rumor there might be a direct flight to the Rock from Chicago next year...

  Putting the Deal Together

As U know how we roll at JPFCO; ACK all the way. The team at JPFCO has each other's back and this is why we are one. The other day team JPFCO had a Buyer but there was nothing on the market that met the criteria. Time to make it happen!!! During our weekly office meeting one of the JPFCO agents mentions their Buyer and another agent has a Seller. We put the deal together and this is how team JPFCO makes it happen!!! Happy September and here is to an Indian Summer :-)

  We made it!

The hustle and bustle of July and August are winding down and we are looking forward to September!

September is known to be the favored month by most Nantucketers; summer weather sticks around, crowds and traffic thin out, the wait for a table shortens and one of our favorite Nantucket events comes to town, The Nantucket Project!

If you have never been, it's a must! The conference meets September 13-16 and fosters a meaningful environment for curiosity and conversation. Attendees gather to hear local and nationally known leaders and performers speak and view thought provoking films. Nantucket Project CEO, Tom Scott says, "The Nantucket Project identifies vital ideas of our time. We work with spirited thinkers and creators to transform those ideas into works of art, what we call 'miracles,' to share with you." Call JPFCO today to rent a beautiful home to enjoy while you experience these inspiring talks with other like-minded learners.
    The Nantucket Project  
12 Ellens Way $3,395,000

This stunning modern beach house is located in the exclusive Miacomet Preserve neighborhood, is surrounded by open space and conservation land and is just a short distance to Miacomet Beach, one of Nantucket finest south shore beaches. The property was designed by renowned architect Andrew Kotchen and features a 4 bedroom, 4 full & 1 half bath home on 3 levels, a gunite swimming pool, a detached garage and impeccably landscaped grounds. No facet has been overlooked and only the highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship were employed in developing this well planned estate.
  12 Ellens Way 
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  It's Over

The common refrain is 'Thank God it's over' or 'We survived another one.' Well guess what, Boys. Without summer we would have a vast wasteland. Sure the good comes with the bad, but you need an active commercial market to have a vibrant down town. And that we have, Why am I thinking about this? My youngest son went to a party in Edgartown last night and he asked me: Dad, do you like the Vineyard? My simple answer is No.

The Vineyard has no style. No panache. No taste. They're all excited about Kerry moving there. Well, maybe I should just leave it at that.. Clinton and Obama like it there. There is no architectural control. How else can you explain Michelle and Hilary being let out in public without their handlers, no less. Their idea of The Chanticler and Le Lanquqedoc is Bubba's Clam Shack. You could probably swim there from Hyannis (another gem) and by looking at the local populace, maybe they do.They look like they wouldn't have the fare to a 'free' concert. I could go on and on, but you get my drift. And let us not forget to send those 'Welcome Home' presents to Ol' Ickabod Kerry.

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