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Nantucket Real Estate Updates

Sep 15, 2018       Issue: 394

J Pepper Frazier Company
Madaket Beach
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Aug 23, 2019

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Aug 21, 2019

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Aug 21, 2019

Tom Nevers

Aug 20, 2019

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Aug 16, 2019


Aug 16, 2019


Aug 16, 2019

Tom Nevers

Aug 16, 2019

Tom Nevers

  Nooks and Crannies

Whilst ordering Eggs Benedict, my dad asked the waiter, "Do you cut the English Muffin or hand pull it apart?" Details differentiate - I tend to think Nantucketers - seasonal and year-round - hand pull apart their English Muffins. Nantucket is extraordinary in so many ways, including implementing win-win solutions to questions/situations that arise. Rarely anything happens on the Rock without a strong, healthy debate and thorough questioning. For example, the Town plans to grade the cobblestones and sidewalks on Main Street, so folks want to know how the Town is going to do it - what the process will be, what the sub-surface will be, what tools will be used, etc. Should they be set in sand or asphalt? As one put it in so many words, the cobblestones have been around a lot longer than we and have maintained better than all other surfaces, so let's do it properly. It's awesome that debate and questioning is happening. The result of these debates and questions is, Nantucket is consistently ahead of the curve. For instance, we have a new hospital, school, police, fire, water, sewer all while maintaining one of the lowest property tax rates on the most valuable property in the world.

YTD volume: $610m. Strong.

Got butter...


We love September on Nantucket actually we love every month on Nantucket. Every month offers something special on the Island as does JPFCO to our clients. The other day team JPFCO had a client that had recently become widowed and was having a hard time making ends meet. The good thing is she had a house and cottage. Time to make it happen JPFCO style. We advise her to covenant the cottage and keep the house. If you don't know what a covenant is just give us a call. She covenants her cottage, pays off the bank and keeps her house. This is one of the many ways team JPFCO makes it happen as our clients are our friends and our friends are our clients.

Team JPFCO will find a way to make it happen. Enjoy the Monarch butterflies, fresh produce and Nantucket's beautiful weather!!!

  Happy Tenants

When tenants are happy, everyone wins! After another great season we received many glowing reviews, as well as, many tenant suggestions for what could further provide an even better rental experience! Requests for fire pits have become more and more common; homeowners who find ways to utilize their home's outdoor space are enjoying a greater level of positive feedback. Outfitting kitchens with all the utensils a gourmet could want, really goes a long way; espresso makers have been a growing request, nice cookware and lobster pots are always among the more popular tenant suggestions. There are several very reasonably priced stores we can suggest if your digs are a bit sparse. Call your favorite JPFCO agent who can help guide you in creating a well equipped house that is sure to satisfy the most fickle of tenants!
4 North Beach Street $3,795,000

Newly renovated 5 bedroom, 3.5 bath house located in the highly sought after Brant Point area. Set on an oversized, private lot with large yard and deck. Southern exposure and cathedral ceilings make this a very light and airy home with a great beach feel. Excellent rental history.
  4 North Beach Street 
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  Nantucket Nirvana

Flora. I love them. Particularly the ones associated with Nantucket. With the possible exception of the Azores, I have never seen anything like Nantucket. The aromas, the colors, the pure lushness. Sui generis. Man. It is said, "No man is an island." Probably true, but a man can get lost in his garden. Blissfully so. Nantucket, particularly 'Sconset, is a Garden of Eden for plants. Roses, Hedges. I know of nothing quite like them. Privet hedges don't have any spectacular color but, man oh man, are they fragrant. Is it the soil? Partially, of course, but I think it is the mingling of salt air and misty days that nurtures flora to a height of, to me at least, nirvana. And, guess what? I'll take nirvana.

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