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Going, Going, Gone…

The market remains robust. The biggest factor slowing it down is the lack of inventory, which is also true nationwide. Nantucket inventory is down approximately 20% year over year and 60% from its peak in 2009. According to Realtor.com, national inventory of active listings dropped below 700,000 for first time in itsĀ records. What has also become very apparent is rental inventory is way down, too – approximately 20%. Many rental homes were either bought and taken out of the rental pool or the homeowners simply are not renting this summer.

Total yearly sales volume went over $1.5bn in 2020 for the first time in history. And, it almost went over $2bn!!! Total volume for 2020 was an astounding $1.862bn (and, keep in mind the market was basically non-existent for mid-March to June).

Here are total yearly sales volumes since ’09:

’09 – $435mm
’10 – $701mm
’11 – $532mm
’12 – $830mm
’13 – $758mm
’14 – $1.002bn
’15 – $858mm
’16 – $971mm
’17 – $1.049bn
’18 – $1.156bn
’19 – $1.005bn
’20 – $1.862bn

Ferry reservations open to the general public on Jan. 12th at 5:00am EST, so don’t forget to book your summer rental before they are going, going, gone…