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Peace of the Rock

This time of year ceases to amaze me. Even though the island seems so crowded, there’s traffic and navigating the grocery store can be a bit of a blood sport, you can always find a piece of the Rock that gives you that inner peace. I was in Madaket checking on a house and it was totally serene – no one around, beautiful colors everywhere from the different shades of the ocean to the dune grass to the flowers, smell of salt air, birds chirping and and boat stays clanking in the distance, all with a light breeze – heavenly… As the saying goes, if you’re lucky enough to be on Nantucket, you’re lucky enough.

Market continues to fire. Almost already hit $1bn in overall closed deals!

YTD closed as of July 11 in mm’s
2009$139Lowest total yearly volume.
2014$395$1bn+ year.
2017$411$1bn+ year.
2018$488$1bn+ year.
2019$427$1bn+ year.
2020$344$1bn+ year. Record year at $1.86bn.