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Perked Ears and Piqued Interest

More so than ever because there are no rentals available for this summer, a big contingency of buyers are literally buying right now so they can be on Island this summer. A lot of the desirable sales listings are rented for the summer, so if a listing is available for this summer, it has a big competitive advantage over the listings that are rented. Definitely perks my ears and piques my interest when buyers says they can’t find a rental, but definitely plan to be here this summer:-)

The market continues to be very strong. The biggest issue is a lack of inventory. After hearing what their property is worth, I imagine some owners will get perked ears and piqued interest and test the market, but all in all, I think inventory is going to remain light.

Here are the YTD closed stats, which are incredible. And, at least another $200mm in the pipeline.

YTD as of June 11 in mm’s
2009$109Lowest total yearly volume.
2014$318$1bn+ year.
2017$323$1bn+ year.
2018$392$1bn+ year.
2019$314$1bn+ year.
2020$301$1bn+ year. Record year at $1.86bn.