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Solid Idea

A handful of houses have started doing a 24 hour turnover. This is in contrast to the 6 hour turnover. The 6 hour turnover has one tenant departing at 9am, and then the next tenant arriving at 3pm. That gives a short window to get a lot accomplished in a house in a season with limited staff. If you are lucky enough to rent a house with a 24 hour turnover there are some nice benefits.  There is a good chance you can check out late, check in early, you will probably get a house that is cleaner because the cleaners have a lot more time to address little items and more dialed in because the caretaker has time to tweak it. Also, you would probably be traveling on a day other than Saturday which is the hardest day to get the ferry tickets.  The downside? These are hard to get because there aren’t a ton of them, and they tend to be on the higher side of the pricing.

Market is still firing…

YTD closed as of September 11 in mm’s

2009$197Lowest total yearly volume.
2014$534$1bn+ year.
2017$626$1bn+ year.
2018$620$1bn+ year.
2019$594$1bn+ year.
2020$670$1bn+ year. Record year at $1.86bn.
2021$1,268$1bn+ year, close to $500mm in pipeline!