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Rebecca Becker

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Originally from Woodbridge, Connecticut, Rebecca Mailloux became fast friends with Nantucket during a summer spent on the island while in college. After graduating from Castleton College of Vermont in 2004 with a BS in Journalism and Art History, she immediately moved to Nantucket full time.

Through many years of involvement in the year-round and summer communities of Nantucket, she has a lot to offer those looking to rent, buy, or sell a home. Rebecca owns two very successful businesses on the island, where customer service and island knowledge are paramount to success. She has started to translate these concepts into her new real estate career. Rebecca married local builder and property manager, Brendan Mailloux in March 2011, and he has taught her a great deal about home building and renovations. This coupled with her advertising and sales work for a local magazine has given her great insider knowledge on the inner workings of Nantucket real estate. Rebecca is also a founding member of Petticoat Row, which is an organization for women who work Nantucket island businesses. The group is 200 strong and has a great pulse on island business.

When not working hard, Rebecca loves spending time with her new husband and two lab puppies- Brady and Murphy. Rebecca also enjoys teaching many island children piano, which is a life-long passion of hers.

Why Nantucket:
Does anyone ever really know how it all happened? I never planned on moving to Nantucket upon graduating from college with a degree in Journalism in one hand, and plans to go to law school in the other. There were big plans for law school in the big city - New York. I summered on the island with friends from Connecticut, and decided to do just that the summer after graduating college and here I am - 11 years later. Things just always seems to work out or fall into place being here. It just made sense and way try to fix something that isn't broken? So there you go ... I love the small island and tight knit community. I met my "real" native of a husband here, and have an amazing native of my own now.
Best part of J Pepper Frazier Real Estate:
The cast of characters, and I say that in a very good way and with a very big smile. It keeps life interesting and fresh. The teamwork, support and liveliness of the people who make up such a great office inside and out. Its not just an office made up of fellow co-workers you see on a 9-5 clock. There are real relationships and friendships here. We learn from one another, share our children's birthday parties together, and give each other strength and support that is often needed and not even related to our work or careers.
Best Event on ACK:
There are so many. Honestly? Our office holiday party. However, the Festival of Trees and Comedy Festival are a blast!
I enjoy cooking & learning more about it, learning and reading, finding things and people that make me laugh, going on a long walk, playing and strolling with my baby, and playing the piano.
The Boarding House, Lola 41 and The Downy Flake
Pocomo & Quidnet handsdown
Childhood Dream Job:
I had so many and was always ready at any age to start a business or just sell something. The top 5 that stand out would be an Architect, Interior Designer, Lawyer or Broadcast Journalist and a mom of 10 kids. I knew from a very young age when I was literally & oddly obsessed with home magazines and the real estate section of any newspaper that I would end up eventually doing something with homes. What freshman in college actually goes to open houses where their college is located? I did and loved it. I would beg my roommate, Lauren, to go in on something to "flip" with me. I always knew I liked business too. That same odd 8 year old sitting with a copy of Traditional Home at her parents pool club, would also be thinking of new businesses to start not when she grew up, but at that very moment. And, that same roommate I would beg to "flip" a house with me, was also my partner in our first business venture launched the 1st week of college - a laundry service. It folded quickly as we were missing classes to "fold" the soccer teams laundry to the tune of $1.00 a load.
School Affiliations:
Amity High School, Woodbridge Connecticut and Castleton College of Vermont
Favorite Quote:
Be a leader, not a follower.
When not working:
I love being home with my daughter, Marin, her two furry brothers, Brady and Murphy, and my husband, Brendan. We love to visit my family in Connecticut or Florida any chance we get, and enjoy giving each other the support we need to continue doing what we want and love.

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