28 Prospect Street$995,000Town

Nantucket Real Estate

8,015 sq ft
61 ago
Property Code: #87386

28 Prospect Street, Nantucket, MA

This property is one of nine properties comprising the "North of the Mill" neighborhood, an area below Prospect Street, encompassing both sides of North Mill Street to Angola Street. 28 Prospect Street is an 8,000 sf lot and represents one of the most inviting and last remaining in-Town locations for new home construction. The property is close to the commercial heart on Town yet a convenient drive to mid-island shopping or out to Cisco. These unique attributes create an intriguing in-Town location that cannot be duplicated elsewhere on Nantucket. With 2,900 square feet of available ground cover, this spacious property is ready for a beautiful home, garage, and cottage.

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