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Oct 15, 2017       Issue: 367

J Pepper Frazier Company
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Nantucket is amazing right now. If you have any opportunity, come.

We're in the thick of returning security deposits from summer rentals. It's fascinating to see the different approaches of homeowners returning security deposits. One would think it is very cut and dry- there are 10 hours of exit cleaning included, the cleaner invoiced me for 15 hours, therefore the tenant owes for 5 hours of cleaning - let's say at $40/hr. - $200. But, it really is not that cut and dry. If the tenant paid $25k for the week, do you think she'll be happy to get a $200 deduction from her security deposit. Some don't care and think it is business as usual. Others, though, take strong offense to it. There are many factors that play into the homeowners decision - were they a needy tenant, are they going to be a repeat tenant, were they gracious, etc. In my opinion, one of the most important traits a homeowner should use is finesse.

Tom Brady, Roger Federer - that's finesse. Aaron Rodgers is finessing - good on ya, mate!

  What we Do

Birds of one feather flock together that is love. We move houses, we trade large estates on large estates, we make it happen at JPFCO everyday all day. Truly a special safe haven. Just reach out and let's make it happen. ACK all the way!!!

  Hurricane Help

Let's make a difference together! The aftermath of three catastrophic hurricanes has left thousands without homes, food, basic supplies, electricity or anywhere to go. 2017 Hurricane season has proved to be one of the costliest hurricane seasons in recorded history.

J Pepper Frazier Company has chosen three organizations that are dedicated to recovery efforts in storm torn areas of the Caribbean, Florida, Texas and Puerto Rico. Three major Hurricanes: Harvey, Irma and Maria made landfall leaving a path of destruction and it is those of us who look on who play a critical role in the well-being of those affected by these horrific storms. J Pepper Frazier Company has pledged to donate $1000 to each of these charities and we encourage you to give what you can as well. Links to the organizations we have chosen are included below. If you would like to participate in our group donation, please send your donation to 19 Centre Street, Nantucket, Ma 02554, or feel free to stop by and we will include your gift with our contribution.

United for Puerto Rico is a 501(c)(3) organization whose staff is working on a full volunteer basis. The funds donated to the organization go directly to help Puerto Rican citizens rebuild their homes. Donations will focus on necessary construction materials to rebuild homes and also provide the labor which is 100% volunteers.

Global Giving is an organization that has a designated Hurricane Irma relief fund. All donations in this fund go to recovery efforts in Hurricane Irma affected regions, both immediate and long term help.

Houston Food Bank, 96.2% of all donations are used towards needs. (Web site says only 5% is used for administrative costs.) --You can specify that the donation is to be used towards Hurricane Harvey disaster relief, as opposed to other local causes.
    United for Puerto Rico    Global Giving    Houston Food Bank  
94 Tom Nevers $3,595,000

Stunning 2.9 acre waterfront parcel with over 150 feet of beach frontage. Sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean and conservation land from all angles. HDC and structurally approved plans for over 7,400 sf of finished space with 6 bedroom, 7 full and 3 half baths and over 1,350 sf of decks. Timeless interior trim details. Bid package is 100% complete. Conceptual plans for 60' x 20' pool, tennis court and guest house/garage. Over 3,800 sf of allowable ground cover and approved 10 bedroom septic system. Extremely rare offering, as this is currently the only available waterfront lot. An opportunity not to be missed.
  94 Tom Nevers Road 
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  Yabba Dabba Do

Well, maybe, just maybe. There is no question that we are one step closer to the Golden Grail. To wit: A Dodger-Red Sox World Serious. Now, we're talkin' baseball. Willie, Mickey and the Duke. You can have your Footbol or, God forbid, cricket. I like my sports American and that means baseball. No, not rounders-baseball. As in Cooperstown, Brooklyn, Boston and the Bronx. Not Madrid, Milan and Mandalay. So sit tight and enjoy it, for the first time, I believe, since 1916. Real turf. Real fans. Of course the red Sox female fan is sui generis. In a class by herself for the knowledge of the Great American Past Time. And if you get a chance, stop by and pick up a house or two on Nantucket.

It should be fun.

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