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J Pepper Frazier Company
Main Street Lights
Oct 3, 2019
Nantucket Real Estate
Oct 2, 2019
Nantucket Real Estate
Middle Moors
Oct 2, 2019
Nantucket Real Estate
Oct 2, 2019
Nantucket Real Estate
Hummock Pond

Two Months Until Daffy...
Hard to believe winter is half way over and Daffy is two months away. The rental market is in full swing and soon the season will be here in no time. For homeowners, now is the time to start thinking about any upgrades/maintenance that should be done for the upcoming season to your living house, especially if you rent it. A key one in particular is to make sure the smoke and CO detectors have good batteries, are functioning properly and their surrounds are clean. It can be exhilarating to some, like me, to be in a deep sleep and then all of a sudden get snapped out of it by the smoke/CO detectors going off - WHHOONNTTT, WHHOONNTTT - but not to most.

Most initially get worried there is a fire and/or carbon monoxide situation in the house, but often it's just a false alarm because of dead batteries, poor maintenance and/or an arthropod nearby, which turns the worry into anger very quickly. These false alarms tend to happen in the middle of the night, too, which gets people even more fired up. The false alarms are preventable. BTW, did I hear Daddy long-legs are nocturnal?
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A Sun Orientation Lease
February what a great month to make it happen. Team JPFCO has a listing with sweeping water views but the houses are a bit dated and will need to be either gut renovated or torn down. We come up with a Buyer but the Buyer wants to see the suns orientation throughout the day during the Spring, Summer and Fall. Time to make it happen JPFCO style. We advise the Seller to lease the property for above market value and when the Buyer closes the funds for the lease will be applied to the purchase price. Now the Buyer has incentive to close because the above market value lease is non-refundable and the Seller receives a substantial amount of dough out of escrow. This is how we make it happen at JPFCO!!! Enjoy February.
Is it Summer yet??
Umm, No, not quite! But the good news is you can look forward to summer and and mark your calendars with ink once you have officially booked your Nantucket summer rental! Visit J Pepper Frazier Company's beautiful website and browse through the myriad of rental listings to find your perfect match! Keep your eye out for any of several new additions to our rental inventory including these beauties!

14 Ellens Way is a sophisticated and stylish, newly constructed, four bedroom home with a pool located in Miacomet. It offers modern, high end finishes and top of the line appointments and is available in July at a rate of $17,500.

2 Old Mill Court is a brand new, high end, five bedroom home with over 4,500 sf of living space, featuring open concept living. For outdoor dining and reclining, there's a spacious deck, blue stone patio with outdoor kitchen and fire pit, as well as a private pool and 10'x 20' pool cabana. July and August are available at a rate of $25,000 per week.

63 North Liberty s a brand new, beautiful, quiet in-town (close to Cliff Rd.) home located on a private street. This quintessential Nantucket rental includes a 5 bedroom main house and a 1 bedroom, 1.5 story cottage with cathedral ceilings, antique beams, private backyard abutting conservation land featuring an 8ft square hot tub, gas fire pit, and blue stone patio! There's still availability and the rate is $25,000 per week.
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6 Corby Way $1,375,000
Recently renovated house and cottage on oversized lot in private, convenient location. House and cottage are well separated making multiple uses feasible. Approximately 450 sf of additional ground cover remaining.
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Went to the Beach Boys' concert in Sarasota last night. They were great, despite there being only one remaining original member, Mike Love, who at age 76 still has great pipes. Also there was Bruce Johnston, who replaced Glen Campbell, who had replaced, to my mind, the greatest rock and roll talent of all time, Brian Wilson. A pretty solid trio if you ask me. OK.OK. You didn't, but if you did. After the show we went to the Hyatt to have a drink. As fate would have it, The Boys were also there and we asked Bruce Johnson to join us, which he did. A friend of mine from Nantucket, Todd Vaughan, was also there and he asked Johnson, knowing that the Boys played at the Jetties with the Pops last year. How he liked Nantucket? He said he 'he didn’t; that he found it very artificial.' Artificial? Tell that to the people who've gone before the H.D.C. He further added that he liked the Vineyard.

No more coals had to be added to the fire. He pacified me somewhat by saying his hosts drove him around and that he never got out of the car. So we (Libby and I) invited him to Nantucket. Just to set the record straight. He is very conservative and I didn't want to tell (well maybe I did) him that John Kerry had just moved to the Vineyard. If you see Bruce Johnston wandering around in Nantucket Reds, you'll know the outcome of his propose visit. So for now, 'Dig those Good Vibrations', only please don't do it on The Vineyard.

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