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Oct 4, 2019
Nantucket Real Estate
Oct 3, 2019
Nantucket Real Estate
Tom Nevers
Oct 3, 2019
Nantucket Real Estate
Oct 2, 2019
Nantucket Real Estate
Middle Moors

Hot Feet
Real estate brokerage has beautiful jargon with well-known phrases. Maybe some of these phrases stick with us because they involve such a big asset with a lot on the line - "Buyer's Remorse", "Cold Feet" - but, regardless, they do.

A lesser known phrase is "Seller's Remorse". Except, on Nantucket. We constantly deal with "Seller's Remorse", which you can't say about many places. People simply don't want to get boxed out of the market and/or give up such a high performing asset. I think, if Seller's Remorse > Buyer's Remorse, then Strong Market and there's far more Seller's Remorse going on in this market.
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Our friends are our clients and our clients are our friends, this is one of the many reasons we are #1. Team JPFCO takes care of team JPFCO as well as our clients because we are #1. Someone on the the team wants to put their money where their mouth is but the teammate is short of the dough.

Time to make it happen. We rally the troops pull together the dough and make it happen. We now have kept a wonderful person on the Island with a solid investment for life and this is how we make it happen at JPFCO!!!
Make hay while the sun is shining!
The heat is on! With temps in the 80's, summer is in full gear and and we at J Pepper Frazier Company are working at maximum capacity; but don't worry we don't run out of steam just because it's August! Our office motto is, "make hay while the sun is shining!" The brighter the sun shines, the hotter it gets, and the harder we work!

Problem solving is at the crux of an agents daily summer job; keeping rental tenants satisfied while showing property to buyer clients is a delicate balance that we strive to master, and we're pretty sure we have! Call on us no matter what the issue or question and let us do what we do best!
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14 Old Westmoor Farm Road $6,995,000
Stunning Victorian farmhouse on almost 1/2 an acre, located at the end of the prestigious Old Westmoor Farm Road cul-de-sac, originally the site of the Vanderbilt Hunting Estate. This compound offers it all - elegance, space, privacy, and amenities. 14 Old Westmoor Farm is being offered furnished and TURN-KEY, just bring your suitcase. A special location that lends to walking to Town or The Westmoor Club and close to North Shore beaches. A 5,200 square foot main house with a spacious 6 bedrooms, 5 1/2 baths and a finished lower level with wonderful natural light. The 850 sq ft pool house studio has a covered porch that frames a private courtyard which leads to a heated pool, gas fire pit, mature landscaping, grill station, outdoor shower, and a shed that rounds out the outside amenities. Expertly crafted by Hanley Construction, attention was lavished on every detail in this must-see masterpiece. The private, quiet location with minimal traffic is ideal for anyone looking for the best of what Nantucket has to offer. Many extras including but not limited to custom wood baby gates, window shutters, high-end window treatments, and location of A/C condensers placed away from outdoor living areas. Excellent rental history and investment potential.
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Boca Grande - the Sconset of Florida
Okay. Time to get serious. Yeah, right. And to show you just how serious, I am willing to wager my picture of Mr. Ed being ridden (no not in the biblical sense) by Don Ameche and autographed by both august individuals. I may have to retract that biblical reference because there is a definite glint in the Ol' Ameche's eyes. Back to the serious stuff. The price a la mode in Boca Grande is the $2 mil range. I guarantee (and hence the wager) this will change to $2.5 mil by next year, an increase of around 30%. Not a bad return these days. Nantucketers will be a major force.

Libby and I had a meeting with Walter Beinecke years ago, and he was being his normal loquacious self, whereupon I said 'Walter. Let's rap this up. We've got a plane to catch.' He said, 'Where are you going?' I responded, 'A place I've never been to before. Boca Grande.' To which he said 'Ah. 'Sconset in Florida.' And Walter was, as he often was, correct. Boca Grande is about to catch fire, And soon. The same is true of Nantucket. Both are simply under-priced. Take my word for it. With a bet on the line of this magnitude, I cannot afford to be wrong.

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