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Oct 15, 2018       Issue: 396

J Pepper Frazier Company
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Oct 4, 2019


Oct 3, 2019

Tom Nevers

Oct 3, 2019


Oct 2, 2019

Middle Moors

  Inedible Hotdog

What's the opposite of an inedible hotdog (arguably an oxymoron term) - the Limestone lettuce salad from Le Languedoc, the whole roasted Peking duck from The Nautilus, Nathaniel's 60 Second Steak from the Pearl, Huevos Rancheros from Blacked Eyed Susan's, roasted red and gold beets from Dune, The LoLa Burger from LoLa 41, any sushi roll from Sushi by Yoshi, any pizza from Pi Pizzeria, and the list goes on. I'm still a spring chicken, but Nantucket real estate seems to be the soundest investment there is. Couple an amazing lifestyle investment with a historically strong financial investment that shows no signs of changing (keep in mind, Nantucket real estate has a finite, and eventually diminishing, supply, and consistently rising demand and one of the lowest real estate tax rates in the country) and it should prove to be a wise investment.

If you want jumbo shrimp, Cru has delicious ones, but if you really want a dog, try Sandbar's sand dog or Pete's water dogs at Nantucket Pharmacy or ...

$785m closed YTD.

$245m in pipeline.


We love a nice Fall rain on ACK for many reasons and one of them being it leads to rainbows. Team JPFCO had a client that due to the weather could not make it to the Island on public transportation. They were ready to buy and not miss an opportunity that just came on the market. Time to make it happen JPFCO style. We charter a private plane, they fly in and we get the deal.

We close the deal and another JPFCO client has a pot of gold.

  October... is the new September!

Mid-way through October and we are feeling like this has been one of the busiest Octobers we can remember! A strong summer rental season has positively rolled right into a solid shoulder season! Columbus Day weekend rentals are on the rise and with more and more requests for Thanksgiving, holiday and Stroll rentals, we are keeping very busy after summer.

Homeowners: it is an advantageous move to consider long weekend rentals and to provide your favorite JPFCO agent nightly rates for short stays in the shoulder and off season months.
Renters: off season is a great time of year to explore what Nantucket has to offer at a much discounted rate! Get a jump on finding that perfect summer rental in person or peruse what is on the sales market while houses are unoccupied and easy to see!

October... is the new September!
12 Ellens Way $3,395,000

This stunning modern beach house is located in the exclusive Miacomet Preserve neighborhood, is surrounded by open space and conservation land and is just a short distance to Miacomet Beach, one of Nantucket finest south shore beaches. The property was designed by renowned architect Andrew Kotchen and features a 4 bedroom, 4 full & 1 half bath home on 3 levels, a gunite swimming pool, a detached garage and impeccably landscaped grounds. No facet has been overlooked and only the highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship were employed in developing this well planned estate.
  12 Ellens Way 
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Disinterest or interest?

I was going to drone on about my dream 'match up': A Dodgers/ Sox World Series. To do this, the Sox have got to get by a very good team, the Houston Astros, that is oddly uninspiring, They just don't have any 'zip' to them. To steal from my father, they (The Astros), just don't have any duende. No style. No go-go. But they're good, Real good On the other side there a few of the Red Sox whom seem curiously disinterested in their post season surroundings. Disinterest or ennui, if you will, are to my mind, extremely disrupting and counter-productive Is there anything worse?

Well, in the real estate business if someone is trying to sell me physical property and in the process of the 'showing' they are constantly looking over their shoulder. Or if I ask a mundane question, and they say I'll have to get back to you on that or, "Gee, I never thought of that..." You wonder, "what the Hell am I paying you for? So three things to remember 1. Know your subject 2. Know your object 3. Be interested, not disinterested. And at all times, regardless, of creed, race, and whether you think Soupy Sales is FUNNY. Remember, at all times Go Sox!

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