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Nantucket Real Estate Updates

Oct 27, 2018       Issue: 397

J Pepper Frazier Company
Madaket Beaches

2018 Rental Homeowner Update
  The 2018 Season

The dust has finally settled after the bustling and energetic summer of 2018. We had a summer season that included some intense weather; we noted more rainy days, lots of heat, and some of the most humid summer days we can remember! Perhaps the crazy weather is why we have seen a rise in shoulder season and holiday rental requests this year, tenants seem ready to cool off and slow down and enjoy Nantucket off season sights! We like to encourage tenants to return to enjoy the island during the change of seasons and to experience a different side of Nantucket's personality!

The intensity wasn't limited to the weather, it seemed to have crossed over to strong Tenant and Homeowner emotions as well. Keeping Homeowners and demanding tenants alike happy is sometimes a skillful enterprise for an Agent, especially while managing inflated emotions and expectations. This year we observed Tenant expectations steadily rising. This is possibly a result of higher rental rates (which we noticed over the last few years). While rental rates rose, the quality of homes, amenities and attention of service people didn't always correspond. With an increase in 2018 rental house inventory, the basics of Econ 101 dictate that if Homeowners are going to charge top dollar, they should provide a product and service to match their new rates, or tenants may change houses. Tenants tend not to re-book houses after a not-so-great rental experience-they now have more options. Tenants often struggle to accept house issues with A/C, broken appliances, missing Cleaners, dirty grills, etc., and want problems handled immediately. Homeowners saying, "sorry, there's no HVAC support available until next week" becomes an unacceptable response by Tenant standards, primarily as a result of inflated rental rates. Remember an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, do your Spring checks on all systems with a qualified service provider. This preparation truly is the most important aspect of being a rental homeowner and the most likely way to get repeat tenants.

New for 2018 was our Renter's guide, and it was a huge hit! A custom 25 page booklet with copious amounts of Island information including everything from where to eat, nightlife, what to do with the little ones, a must do Nantucket Bucket list, and much much more. Now just about all the answers to your Nantucket Island questions are in hand and can go home with you to easily plan for next summer!
  Request for Rates

Homeowners, it's time to provide 2019 rates and availability if you haven't already. We are on par with bookings from last year and would love to be able to send your home out for tenant inquiries. JPFCO Agents are busy fielding requests, and by forwarding rates your listings will appear active on our website. The rental section of, makes it easier than ever to search listings, preview your own property or provide rates, calendar availability and update us on home information. Please note any changes or additions you might like to make, including information such as:

Caretaker contact info
Cleaning service company and contact number
Number of cleaning hours included in your rental rate (average amount cleaner charges)
Trash service, days of pick up
WIFI password

Attractive and updated photos are one of your most effective marketing tools. If your listing is in need of refreshed photos, please reach out to the office to discuss how you can send new ones in or have some taken. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to update us. Please click the below link to our website update, or hit reply to this email, or contact the office at 508-228-3202.

Cheers to another great season, and as always, we appreciate your business!
    Homeowner Update  
  Top Rental Requests Seen in 2018

*Central Air is consistently a top request; After this hot Nantucket summer, tenants are heard asking for clarity on the type of A/C: central, mini splits or window units.
*Requests for updated/renovated kitchens, baths, decor & furnishings is fast on the rise.
*Houses near town with pools was a big one this year.
*The increase in requests for pools has resulted in more conversations about pool water temperature. This is an issue best ironed out prior to lease signing. While owners are now able to remotely control pool temps from phones and other devices, tenants are sometimes left on the chilly end of this uncomfortable and potentially expensive rental issue.
*We are seeing a growing and loved by all trend for keyless entry.
*Well equipped outdoor spaces including fire pits, working, CLEAN, newer grills, gear and outdoor cookware, and of course extra propane tanks.
*Inquiries for homeowners to provide ferry tickets is common year after year. For homeowners that are interested in providing this courtesy to their tenants, please look into the Steamship Island Preferred Program/ Head Start Program. Contact The Steamship Authority to sign up or for more information. 508-477-8600

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