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Nantucket Real Estate Updates

Nov 1, 2018       Issue: 398

J Pepper Frazier Company
Nantucket Fall Leaves
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Oct 3, 2019

Tom Nevers

  Please Overprice

Much of the time, when a Seller overprices their property it can work to a Buyer's advantage. Simply what happens is, the overpriced property hits the market. Buyers that were looking for that type of property see it as soon as possible. They look at it and either dismiss it because they think it is overpriced or they make an offer of what they think it is worth, which the Seller inevitably rejects because it is too "low". Then, the buyers that initially dismissed it or made offers either buy another property or become disinterested. So, all of a sudden, the Seller has dramatically reduced the Buyer pool, aka reduced the demand, which reduces the value and the Seller then needs to lower the price below what they could have originally fetched to spark fresh demand. So, as a Buyer, sometimes you think, "Seller, please overprice."

$882m closed YTD and at least $191m in the pipe...

  Weather Patterns

We hope everyone had a happy Halloween, such a great time on the Island. Main Street is packed with trick or treaters. The weather is wonderful and the stores are packed full of fun and candy. We on ACK definitely make it happen; if you haven't been you should come. bACK to business. The other day a longtime friend of JPFCO sold their house on the mainland and they were thinking of buying in FLA or ACK. Time to make it happen. The weather on the Island is the nicest on the East Coast. Team JPFCO complied a past weather pattern for the East Coast. When it is overwhelmingly hot on the mainland we are cool and when it is overwhelmingly cool we are warm. They took the JPFCO intel and we make it happen. They love enjoying their open windows and occasional ACK fire and are not missing the FLA a/c.

Our friends are our clients and our clients are our friends. Happy November, Come visit us on the Island, it is truly gorgeous!!!

  Nantucket Fall

It's fall on Nantucket! From pumpkins, Halloween candy and colorful foliage to turkey dinners, turkey plunges and the first flakes of winter, the island is animated and has transitioned beautifully! Last night, Main Street was filled with the spirited energy of the island's little ghouls and goblins for Halloween and now we look forward to Thanksgiving.

Don't miss out on this magical time of year! Plan to have your homemade Thanksgiving feast in a cozy rental home or a festive holiday dining experience at one of Nantucket's acclaimed restaurants. Have a chilly blast at Nantucket's 16th annual Cold Turkey Plunge and then you might as well stick around for Stroll, why not? Call JPFCO to get the ball rolling on finding your special holiday rental house today!
90 Skyline Drive $1,495,000

Gracious, newly installed driveway leads to the spacious 6 bedroom, 4 bath home with attached 2 bay garage located on an oversized, 2+ acre lot at the end of a cul-de-sac. Beautiful new landscaping throughout. Zoning allows for an additional 2,300+ square feet of ground cover. 9 bedroom septic system installed in 2016.
  Link to 90 Skyline Drive 
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  Wish Fulfillment

Zippity Do Dah, Zippidity Day My Oh my... Zut alors. My wish came true: A Dodger - Red Sox World Serious. Only a funny thing happened on the way to the Forum; to wit, for whom do I root? A dilemma indeed. I came to realize as they scanned the stands that it was the Sandy Koufaxes, Duke Sniders et al, who were my Dodgers. My team is now the Mookie Betts and Andrew Benetendis of the world.

Now that we've got that straight. What a performance by the Sox and none more so than the Skipper, Alex CoraI. Masterful, to say the least. What does that have to do with real estate, you might ask. Well, there are 90' between the bases aren't there? Case settled. Do I want another Sox-Dodger World Serious. You can bet your Sonny and Cher bell bottom pants on it.

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