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Nantucket Real Estate Updates

Dec 1, 2018       Issue: 399

J Pepper Frazier Company
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Oct 4, 2019


Oct 3, 2019


Oct 3, 2019

Tom Nevers

Oct 3, 2019



While visiting the picturesque, charming town of Grasmere in the Lake District of England, I was amazed at the similarities to Nantucket:

-land council to protect open spaces giving way to stunning vistas and hiking trails throughout -historic, well preserved village -vibrant town with great restaurants and shops -strict zoning and architecture boards (extremely hard to get a "new build" permit issued) -outdoors oriented lifestyle with bodies of water being focal points -strong sense of community and friendly people -accessible, but takes an extra leg of travel than surrounding towns -strong real estate market

Naturally, I asked around about the real estate market and basically got the same answer over and over, if the overall market dips, Grasmere dips last and the least and if the overall market rises, Grasmere rises first and the most.

Just like Nantucket, coupling a limited supply with a rising demand makes for a fundamentally strong market.

  Developing Deals

What a beautiful time to be on the Island with the wonderful people, the gorgeous sunsets and long stretches of beaches without a person in sight. The other day team JPFCO was working on a land/development deal. The Seller owned the land outright and the Buyer had x to spend which wasn't as much as the Seller wanted. Time to make it happen. Team JPFCO comes up with a plan where the Buyer sells the land for x but holds a mortgage of y for a percentage of the sale price. We made it happen and are well under construction. Goooble, goooble, goooble Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  It's official, the holidays are upon us!

Nantucket Strollers are in the thick of it today; shopping local merchants and enjoying spirited holiday celebrations! If you aren't lucky enough to be on island already, come for the day! Tomorrow offers another full day of great sales, and events, including cookie decorating at Easy Street Cantina, the Annual Festival of Trees and Christmas Stroll Brunch at The Breeze Restaurant. Get yourself in the mood by watching "Miracle on 34th Street" presented by Nantucket's Theatre Workshop, then visit the Cisco Brewery or any of the other wonderful events Nantucket Stroll has to offer! For anyone who has never experienced Stroll before... it's a weekend packed with the energy and vibe of summer in the midst of chilly December, what a holiday treat!
6 Corby Way $1,249,000

Recently renovated house and cottage on oversized lot in a private, convenient location. House and cottage are well separated making multiple uses feasible. Approximately 450 sf of additional ground cover remaining. Property is serviced by Town Sewer. Plans for an addition on the cottage are included.
  6 Corby Way 
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  Chill, Stroll, Restaurants, and some Credit

Just alighted in Boca Grande and to my dismay it was cold. BRR. Oh well, a good excuse to drink. Boca Grande had their Christmas Stroll, which is in direct emulation of Nantucket and it went pretty well. All the merchants were open and had lots of good stuff, wine, liquor, cake and cookies among other things, for consumption. It gets better each year as more and more 'off Islanders' find out about it. It still has a long way to go, but they're trying and improving. However they will never be able to match the quality of Nantucket's restaurants.

Pepper II is trying to get some quality restauranteurs to locate here and, knowing him, he'll succeed. Nantucket is first in so many things. Not only the Stroll, but Daffodil Day, various art events (and causes etc.) and many other happenings in collusion with groups such as The Nantucket Conservation Foundation. A group that as far I can tell is sui generis, and we can thank out-going President Jim Lentowski for a great deal of the credit. Life is good and we don't have to fret about he Red Sox form for at least 3 months.

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