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Oct 1, 2019
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Oct 3, 2019
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Oct 2, 2019
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Oct 2, 2019
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Oct 2, 2019
Nantucket Real Estate
Hummock Pond

Nantucket has some of the strictest zoning and architectural restrictions in the US and probably the world. So, when an aspect of a property is grandfathered, it usually makes that property more valuable than the same property without that specific aspect grandfathered. For instance, properties are allowed a certain ground coverage percentage per their zoning. If a property pre-dates zoning and is over the current ground coverage percentage, it will have the ground cover overage grandathered and therefore be more valuable than the same property that is required to conform to the current ground coverage ratio.

There's an Article on the Warrant of Annual Town Meeting that, if passed in the current state, would heavily restrict the installation of pools in most zoning districts and outright ban them in one district. I doubt it will pass because it is so far reaching, but if it does, anyone currently with a pool will be grandfathered and see a windfall of value. If it doesn't pass, it will probably make owners who were on the cusp of installing a pool, install one because of fear that some form of this article will get passed in the future. So, in that regards, at least in the short term, it will have the opposite effect of having less pools.

Bird in Hand
Believe it or not the birds R chirping and the market is buzzing. We are looking forward to another wonderful Spring with a snow in between. Some one once told me that "A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush." JC

I learned from this over the years and still believe it because the proof is in the pudding and JPFCO will and does make that pudding happen; as hard as it may be we make it happen. For instance; The other day a Seller approached team JPFCO and wanted to make a deal. Time to make it happen!!! Team JPFCO swapped out the Seller's house for another house plus a couple of bucks but all good for all. We are a creative, careful and loving team of Brokers. Our clients are our friends and our friends are our clients. Swing by and you will see. Happy Valentine's Day, let's make it happen together!!!
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February on ACK
February on Nantucket is not exactly a bustling time. The streets in town are quiet and peaceful. Only a select, few restaurants are open, and when in need of human interaction, you head to Stop & Shop, or to one of the many amazing downtown February sales. Homeowners and Tenants alike are settling into the new first of the year short term rental tax. Real estate offices are sorting out the details, and everyone is looking toward happier summer days filled with vibrant flower boxes and lively energy of people all over the island. As we prepare for yet another successful season, we hope that you start to get excited for the summer, too!

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9 North Point Road $1,550,000
Located in a private setting on nearly a 1/3 of an acre, this newly built Fisher's Landing property offers a main house and a garage and is one of the best values on the market today. The property is located on a quiet side street abutting 37 acres of open land belonging to the Fisher's Landing Association which abuts 59 acres of the Linda Loring Nature foundation property. Walking trails over Land Bank land meander to Eel Point Road which leads to one of Dionis's most beautiful beaches in approximately 15 scenic minutes. The three bedroom upside-down style house and two car garage with bonus unfinished studio space offers over 2600 sq ft of custom finished living space Available shared amenities include boat storage, tennis courts, mail service. Fishers Landing is located approximately 4 miles from downtown Nantucket, and approximately 2 miles from Millie's Restaurant and Madaket Beach. The bike path and shuttle stop are located at the intersection of Madaket Road. This amazing property is ideal for a family vacation house or a great rental investment - biking, boating, gorgeous beaches and stunning sunsets are among the many offerings!
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Screw 'em
You know its a bit of an annoyance. It seems I come equipped with my own set of censors. 'Come on Dad, you can't say that, somebody might be offended.' To which dear Papa replies with great candor: 'If they don't like it, screw 'em. They can go to the Vineyard, or better yet, New Beige.' I always lose, but it does show that real estate is a full contact sport. Speaking of which the market is really hot in Boca Grande and Sarasota. I think there are two main factors in place and, actually in the case of Sarasota, three. People think the markets have 'bottomed' and they realize that interest rates are rising. As for Sarasota it has had a tremendous amount of German and English purchasers. It's been that way ever since I can remember. Even as a pre-teenager, I can recall real estate firms with signs that said German spoken here. Why these same types of buyers haven't gravitated to the Old World charm of Nantucket (particularly 'Sconset and Quidnet) is beyond me. But they have yet to arrive in any magnitude.
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