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Spring Cleaning 2020!

May 8, 2020       Issue: 432

J Pepper Frazier Company
Annual House Check Up Before the 2020 season


To Our Valued Clients, We hope you and your loved ones are well and safe.

Although Nantucket is currently under a "Stay at Home" order until May 18th, your JPFCO agent is available to you and our goal is to continue to provide the same level of service you are accustomed to. For the most up-to-date and reliable information regarding COVID-19 and Nantucket, please go to Town of Nantucket web-site. We hope everyone is staying healthy, and we continue to march forward during this time, confident that we will come out of this stronger than before.

Please do not hesitate to reach out, we are here for you.

J Pepper Frazier Company
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Spring Cleaning

At JPFCO, it is our favorite time of year...Spring cleaning! This year, spring cleaning might be done a little differently for most homeowners. We know that traveling to Nantucket may be difficult during this unprecedented time, but we have come up with a few ideas that could help with opening your house and get you prepared for this season.

Whether you're on island to open your house, or you are sheltering wherever you currently are, consider the team who helps run your Nantucket property. If you are able to, you might consider pre-paying your caretaker, your cleaner, your landscaper, and your plumber to help spruce up the place and make sure everything is working properly. They will appreciate you thinking of them, and it will most likely get you prioritized before their non-paying Clients.

Keep in mind that your property caretakers and other vendors are going to be working around the clock in June, and it isn't going to be easy to get ready for this season. Best thing to do is touch base with them now and be kind- they have been under a lot of stress considering our town has been the most strict in the entire state with COVID related work restrictions.

Lastly, please review the lists below for both indoor and outdoor essentials to know how to plan for this up coming 2020 rental season.


1. Hire a professional cleaning company for a thorough Spring cleaning-Pay special attention to additional Covid related sanitization and cleaning principles.
2. Order your summer supplies online-stock toilet paper, paper towels, soaps and towels-order these now! There may be a delay in shipping as we are seeing from our own orders.
3.Hand sanitizer seems to be a frequent questions amongst homeowners. "Is it required?" " I can't seem to purchase it, what do I do?" Hand sanitizer is a suggestion, but not a requirement, especially if you cannot order it due to low stock. Please stock up on anti-bacterial hand soap and that will be sufficient.
4. Consider the team who helps run your property to replace batteries in smoke detectors and TV Remotes.
5. Trash: Set up trash pick up days and organize trash bins based on the 2020 standards.
6. Leave a detailed House manual with wi-fi, cleaner and caretaker information. JPFCO can provide an example or help create a manual.


1. Tenants will be spending more time than ever in your property. Consider additional or upgrading amenities like another TV, a new grill, new patio set, extra games, or anything else to keep them happy at your house.
2. Please thoroughly clean or consider new outdoor furniture and set it up on patio/deck or lawn for tenants to enjoy outdoor spaces.
3. Consider a hidden key in a secret place, such as outdoor shower.
4. Ensure storm windows are removed and screens have been installed.
5. Attend to landscaping and maintaining lawn care, plant window boxes.

Remember dealing with these details now is much easier in the pre-season than mid-season! June is going to be a busy month, and the more you can do now to prepare, the better off you will be for the upcoming season!
  House Rules

As we prepare for the summer season, don't forget to check in with your agent or rental manager on updating all important information on your property!

Top Five

1. Wi-Fi Password
2. Cleaning Company and contact information
3. Caretaker and contact information
4. Lawncare and contact information
5. Trash Service and Pick-Up Days

Email to keep us updated with dates and availability as we get many last minute requests.

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