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It was the busiest summer that Nantucket has ever seen...
Summer 2021 was all about breaking records. From running out of jet fuel to booking dining reservations months in advance, estimates lead us to believe there were nearly 100,000 people on Nantucket at the peak of the season. Not bad for a 14-mile island.

If there's anything we can learn from this, it's that the interest in being on island during the summer is greater than ever. More than 300 rental leases have already been created for the 2022 season, with tenants requesting both rebooks at their favorite properties and transitions to something different or more accommodating for a different combination of friends and family.

We are proud to offer the most robust, diverse list of rental properties, and it's with your partnership we are able to do so. Each season we strive to deliver the most quality service and tenants to our tremendous group of homeowners and the booking season is already in full swing. To prepare your property and corresponding rental calendar for the 2022 season, we encourage you to review our Fall Homeowner Checklist below:
Fall Homeowner Checklist
Fall Homeowner Checklist
1. Update rates and dates of availability with JPFCO for both the off season and next summer. After last year's cancellation, we are expecting a busy Nantucket Christmas Stroll. To list rates, give us a call at the office at (508) 228-3202, email our Rental Manager Claire or your favorite JPFCO agent and we will update our website accordingly.

2. Have you updated the amenities to your property or finished renovations recently? Perhaps you have made some renovations this fall you'd like considered for a potential rate increase? Click the Homeowner Update link below to update us about your property offerings.

3. Shoulder season is a great time for fresh photos. If you are a JPFCO Exclusive Rental we are pleased to offer a 3D Tour for your rental listing. Is it time for new photos? Please contact our Rental Manager Claire at to schedule a property shoot.

4. Have you registered your property with the state? Due to the taxes applied to short-term rental properties, it's important that J Pepper Frazier Company has your room occupancy number. To register your property, or to see if you already have, please click the Register My Property link below or contact our Rental Manager Claire today for further assistance.

In keeping with the record-breaking theme of the year, we continue to experience an unprecedented sales market. If you have been thinking about getting out of the rental game, now may be the right time to list your property. Please contact J Pepper Frazier Company for a market analysis, the market is rapidly changing, and we have the pulse. We welcome the opportunity to sell your Nantucket home!

As we conclude a season for the books, we want to thank all of you, our homeowners, for working with us this year in the renting of your properties. We appreciate your continued business and look forward to 2022!
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The More You Know...
Top Rental Requests 2021
Top Rental Requests 2021
As the season concludes, it's always strategic to look back at the most popular requests from this year's tenant group. If you are looking for upgrades to make to warrant a rate change or just some ideas for a fall or spring spruce, keep the following in mind:

1. Air Conditioning

This past summer certainly had it's scorching moments! Our tenants are far more likely to select a house that offers air conditioning, whether that be central air, mini splits, or even window units.

2. Pool

Requests for pools are more frequent than not, with most of our tenants hoping for an alternative to ocean water for their island vacation. If you are wavering on a pool installation, call JPFCO today to learn how it can increase your weekly rental rate.

3. Pets

As many of you can understand, it's often difficult to leave behind your four-legged friends. Tenant requests to bring their pets were high, especially as multi-week leases become more standard. Consider listing your property "Pet Negotiable," with the option to approve the amount of animals, breed, and/or size, and even to increase the security deposit for your added comfort.

4. WiFi

As the world continues to operate in a work-from-home style, our tenants are looking for high-speed WiFi that extends easily throughout the property. Consider upgrading your routers and adding WiFi boosters to the areas of your house that may be harder for the signal to reach.

5. Beach Chairs and General Rental Stock

Another common tenant questions is "How many beach chairs are at the property?" Of course an exact number is never a guarantee, as items like these can break or walk away during a summer. However when preparing your property for the next rental season, it's a good rule of thumb to provide an amenity count that is congruent with the capacity. For example, if your property sleeps 10, then 10 beach chairs it is!

Inexpensive chairs can be purchased in bulk online and delivered to the house or purchased at Stop n Shop where their supply never seems to wane.

6. Coffee Makers

Another question we frequently get is what kind of coffee maker is provided at the house. Whether it be a standard drip coffee maker, a Keurig, Nespresso, French Press, or Espresso Machine, it's a good idea to specify with JPFCO so we can ensure the tenant is prepared with the corresponding type of coffee for the machine provided.

7. Keyless Entry

We must admit, this is one of JPFCO's top requests as well. Transitioning your property to keyless entry via keypad is an incredible offering for your tenants. Eliminating the cost of key copies, the concern of tenants misplacing them around island, and the hassle of dispatching a caretaker or cleaner to provide a copy is well worth the price of the mechanism. You can even change the code for each new tenant party that occupies the house with just a few taps on an iPhone or Android app. If you have any questions or need assistance looking into keyless entry, please contact our Rental Manager Claire at or by calling the office at (508) 228-3202.

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