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J Pepper Frazier Real Estate

About Us

J Pepper Frazier Company has been serving the real estate needs of Nantucket island since 1979. From day one, the Client experience has been our top priority. We do not rest until we have done everything we can to try to make our Clients happy. Here at J Pepper Frazier Company, we know that not everyone is as obsessed with real estate as we are, so we work hard to understand and strategize your buying, selling, rental, and investment needs so you can get on with doing what you do in your world. We specialize in real estate analysis, advice, and negotiations specific to the Nantucket market.

Whatever your goal, we'll get to know you so we can understand your specific needs and find opportunities that fit your lifestyle, personality, family, and price point. You can trust our 150 years of collective experience providing clients with Nantucket real estate expertise. Our passion for helping our clients infuses everything we do. Each and every one of us is working at this office because we love helping people achieve their real estate dreams.

While Nantucket Island is one of the world's premier vacation destinations, we're an office of locals; this island is our home. This is where we live, work, play, and raise our families. Nantucket has enriched our lives and we'd love to help enhance yours with this same island. Our agents are part of the local community fabric and as such, know the ins-and-outs of four season Island living. We know the people at the building department, the steps to getting ConCom approvals, where to fish, the best dishes at the best restaurants, ferry ticket tricks, secret photo spots, and the favorite dog trails.

We are a full-service firm and work as a coordinated team to ensure our clients have an unforgettable Nantucket experience. We're happy to show you the island on your terms. Whether you'd prefer a tour by car, boat, or ATV, we'd be thrilled to show you around our home at any time that suits you. If you are interested in listing, buying or renting real estate on Nantucket, let J Pepper Frazier Company and our unparalleled expertise guide you through the process. Contact one of our Nantucket real estate professionals today to get started.

Our History

J Pepper Frazier started J Pepper Frazier Real Estate on Nantucket island in 1979. Putting clients first, telling the truth, negotiating a fair deal, and intense creative thinking were some of his original principles. His deep literacy of all things real estate and his honest and analytical approach quickly made this new company a success. Pepper the Elder spent decades and numerous real estate cycles successfully serving the needs of his clients on Nantucket island.

In 2002, J Pepper Frazier II and Dalton T. Frazier took over the business from their father. They each brought their own unique experience and personality as they assumed leadership of the company. Their partnership has become one of their biggest strengths in serving both their clients and their family business. They are also well versed in commercial real estate and believe in downtown Nantucket, owning and managing seven commercial spaces. Dalton and Pepper II have taken the office through almost 20 years of tremendous Nantucket island growth, a variety of market conditions, and countless satisfied clients.

In addition to their father's founding principles, Pepper II and Dalton believe in technology and innovation. They have invested heavily to help J Pepper Frazier Company be even more responsive to the needs of their clients in this ever evolving age of technology. They moved their office from the upstairs space at 28 Centre Street to include the first floor at 8 India Street, and then finally to the expansive two floor building at 19 Centre Street. They have grown the business from four Agents to its current large team of Brokers & Agents that offer individual attention and personalized customer service. Each Agent brings their own niche experience be it investment, rental strategies, interior design, land use, commercial real estate, or a plethora of interesting hobbies. As a team, we have successfully grown the JPFCO rental program from 50 houses to more than 1000. In 2014, JPFCO was selected the preferred Rental Manager of Nashaquisset. Every move we've made has put us in a better position to help serve our clients. Let us know how we can help you today.

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