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All in the Detail

Many of the newly built/recently renovated homes on Nantucket are truly works of art showcasing the latest styles and materials. Definitely a perk of my job is being able to see these properties, especially the ones that end-users built, as with these, budgets were commonly not a top priority. To create one of these works of art requires extreme attention to detail. If the developer/owner does not put the time in to pay attention to the detail, it’s blatantly clear and the property becomes disproportionately less valuable compared to any savings on time by not paying attention to the details. It’s all in the detail…

Market continues to fire.

Year over year comparison of YTD volume:

’09 – $161mm
’10 – $272mm
’11 – $260mm
’12 – $338mm
’13 – $324mm
’14 – $453mm
’15 – $425mm
’16 – $485mm
’17 – $499mm
’18 – $535mm
’19 – $494mm