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Real Estate Broker

“A real estate broker, real estate agent or realtor is a person who represents sellers or buyers of real estate or real property.” – Wikipedia

“A Nantucket real estate broker represents sellers or buyers of real estate or real property, coordinates vendors, locates missing pet(s), moves cars and cleans, among many other services.” – Dalton T. Frazier

Being 30 miles out to sea, our clients have to rely on us, their real estate broker. We love it and love taking care of our clients, our friends. There’s a lot more than meets the eye with a Nantucket real estate broker. And, beyond what meets the eye is why we succeed.

Year over year comparison of YTD volume:

’09 – $281mm *Lowest total yearly volume.
’10 – $468mm
’11 – $373mm
’12 – $526mm
’13 – $525mm
’14 – $735mm *$1bn+ year.
’15 – $626mm
’16 – $714mm
’17 – $815mm *$1bn+ year.
’18 – $813mm *Highest total yearly volume. $1bn+ year.
’19 – $698mm

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How cool!

Nantucket is not perfect, but it is pretty close. Once the new Dreamland Theatre is done,

it will be directly across South Water Street from the Atheneum.

So, Nantucket will have two, amazing, multi-faceted learning/cultural centers that complement each other perfectly a stone’s throw away from one another. I find that very cool and that’s not even to mention the beaches, restaurants, historic downtown…

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Nantucket vs. America

National real estate statistics are just that-national. Although the national February numbers for new construction home sales and pre-existing home sales numbers were not what many had hoped for, these numbers take into account the US as a whole. But, there are many parts to the whole and Nantucket is one part. There are areas that are still hurting,

but from what I can see, Nantucket is not one of them.

There is serious money coming into the ACK market-get it while it’s fresh!

P.S. Don’t believe everything the talking heads tell you-there is optimism in the air…

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Strength of the Nantucket Real Estate Market

The Nantucket Real Estate market continues to gain strength. Listings that are currently posted on the MLS as having accepted offers or purchase and sales agreements equals 9.8% of the total property listings. This is up from 8.5% one year ago. So, the market is 15% stronger than it was one year ago at this moment. This is great news as September and October are traditionally the strongest real estate months on Nantucket measured by volume. Also, the first three quarters of ’10 were much stronger than the first three quarters of ’09.