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Good Neighbor

If all transactions were included, the 2019 total volume was $1.005bn. If non-arm’s length transactions are excluded, like affordable housing and some conservation purchases, the total volume was just under $1bn. Being the upbeat real estate broker I am, I’m going with Nantucket had another $1bn+ year.

If you go to sell on Nantucket, it often pays to have neighbors, especially high-end neighbors, because there is a decent chance your neighbor will be the highest bidder for your property. A few examples just from 2019 where the neighbor bought the listed neighbor’s property:

40 Shawkemo Road, $23.9mm
36 Low Beach Road, $5.5mm
60 Walsh Street, $4.5mm
9 Cliff Road, $3.9mm
4 Shawkemo Road, $2.0mm
36 Crooked Lane, $1.98mm
12 Fulling Mill Road, $1.7mm

So, if you’re going to sell your Nantucket property, make sure you’re a good neighbor.

The Land Bank and Nantucket Conservation Foundation made some great buys in 2019. Notably:

LB – 174 Orange Street and 2 Milestone Road, 9 acres abutting the Monomoy Creeks.
LB – 39 Almanack Pond Road, 11 acres abutting hundreds of acres of conservation land.
LB – 101-103 Hummock Pond Road, 15 acres to continue to be used as farmland.
LB – 246 Milestone Road, 3 acres across Milestone Road from hundreds of acres of conservation land.
NCF – 204 Cliff Road, 14 acres abutting Maxey Pond.