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How’s the interior?

I grew up in a real estate family. I have been hearing real estate deals being negotiated since I was 3 months young. Sometimes I would hear my mom say, “How’d the third showing with so and so go?” My dad would say, “Libby, it’s never a good sign if they want to see the property for a third time. They are only talking themselves out of doing the deal; they are looking for excuses not to buy it.” Very ironic, too, because you tell your clients you have a third showing and they get excited that the buyers are going to make an offer, but, in reality, the opposite is happening-the buyers are talking their way out of the deal. Now that I am active in the real estate brokerage business, I see this phenomenon first hand; third + showings are the kiss of death. Most buyers that pull the trigger know it when they see it.

Last two properties my wife and I have bought, I made the offers before she had been to the properties. Naturally, she asked, “How’s the interior?” I replied, “Not sure, I haven’t been inside…”