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Nooks and Crannies

Whilst ordering Eggs Benedict, my dad asked the waiter, “Do you cut the English Muffin or hand pull it apart?”. Details differentiate – I tend to think Nantucketers – seasonal and year-round – hand pull apart their English Muffins . Nantucket is extraordinary in so many ways, including implementing win-win solutions to questions/situations that arise. Rarely anything happens on the Rock without a strong, healthy debate and thorough questioning. For example, the Town plans to grade the cobblestones and sidewalks on Main Street, so folks want to know how the Town is going to do it – what the process will be, what the sub-surface will be, what tools will be used, etc. Should they be set in sand or asphalt? As one put it in so many words, the cobblestones have been around a lot longer than we and have maintained better than all other surfaces, so let’s do it properly. It’s awesome that debate and questioning is happening. The result of these debates and questions is, Nantucket is consistently ahead of the curve. For instance, we have a new hospital, school, police, fire, water, sewer all while maintaining one of the lowest property tax rates on the most valuable property in the world.

YTD volume: $610m. Strong.

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