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Strength of Nantucket

My dad always told me that Nantucket is one of the last ones in and first ones out of a bust. That’s another way to say that Nantucket is a very safe place to invest and/or park your money. Another way to see the strength of an investment is to look at capitalization rates. Cap rates on Nantucket’s prime commercial real estate are around 5.5%, which are extremely low for commercial real estate-cap rates are basically a function of risk, lower the cap rate, lower the risk. So, I called Nantucket Island Resort’s (NIR), who is the biggest commercial landlord on Nantucket (Team Frazier is two), today to inquire about what spaces they have available. The leasing agent’s answer-we have a small art gallery, about 200 sf, available on Old South Wharf. Excuse me, you have 200 sf out of tens of thousands of sf available?!!! That’s a sign of the Strength of Nantucket.