Covid-19 FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Short Term Rentals on Nantucket Summer 2020

  1. Are we supposed to quarantine for 14 days? My rental is only one week? A letter from the Nantucket Cottage Hospital and Nantucket Chamber of Commerce was sent out on Monday, April 27, 2020 recommending seasonal residents to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival. To clarify, the letter was intended for only seasonal residents who are traveling to Nantucket between the timeframe of Governor Baker's orders that have been extended to May 18, 2020.
  2. Will there be short term rentals at all this summer? There has not been a ban on short term rentals. Short Term Rentals are expected to continue for this summer season.
  3. Are the beaches open? All beaches are currently open on Nantucket and the town suggests you continue to social distance yourselves during any outdoor activities.
  4. What businesses are open? Only essential businesses are open at this time. These businesses include grocery stores, take-out restaurants, pharmacies, liquor stores and public works. Non-essential businesses will begin to open once the stay at home order is lifted. As of today, that is scheduled to be May 18, 2020.
  5. Are the ferries running? Both the Steamship Authority and Hyline continue to serve the essential needs of transportation to and from Nantucket. However, Steamship Authority will not offer drive-on/drive-off this summer.
  6. What airlines are flying to Nantucket? The Nantucket Memorial Airport is still open and running. Yet, to stay up to date with any changes, or to know more information, please visit Nantucket Memorial Airport's website at
  7. Do I have to wear a mask? As of May 6, 2020, Governor Baker issued an order requiring face masks in public where social distancing is not possible and continuing to social distance. This applies to both indoor and outdoor spaces. The order is in place indefinitely. To learn more, please visit
  8. When will restaurants and non-essential businesses be open? The stay at home order has been extended to May 18th in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We hope to know more then.
  9. Is the Nantucket Cottage Hospital (NCH) Prepared? NCH is actively responding to COVID-19. Our hospital is as prepared as they can be for this pandemic, offering drive-through evaluation, as well as virtual appointments. For more information, please visit
  10. Is the Nantucket Regional Transportation (NRTA) still running? Yes, the NRTA or The Wave is still operating and asking the riders to practice social distance on each bus.
  11. Are there concierge companies that will deliver groceries to our house? Yes! There are many concierge services,. Two that we recommend are Wildflower Concierge & RTT Services. If you plan on coming to the island, we ask that you plan accordingly and schedule a service with a concierge company in advance.
  12. What happens if I can't come to Nantucket? If you are concerned about your own personal lease, please call J Pepper Frazier Company at 508-228-3202 or directly contact the JPFCO Agent you worked with to discuss.
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