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Reason Number …

Recently, our eldest learned to ride his bike and now loves biking. Naturally, the whole family started biking more. It’s been an incredible experience exploring the island on a bike, again, just like I did as a kid. Biking is an amazing way to see Nantucket up close and makes you appreciate how special of a place she is even more. Bike paths go to just about everywhere on Island, which in itself is special; I can’t think of another community that has this. And, the kicker is, it’s free! Reason number … to love Nantucket.

Following is a year over year comparison of YTD total volume:

’09 – $109mm (lowest total yearly volume in recent history)
’10 – $204mm
’11 – $171mm
’12 – $254mm
’13 – $165mm
’14 – $318mm
’15 – $280mm
’16 – $372mm
’17 – $323mm
’18 – $392mm (highest total yearly volume ever)
’19 – $314mm

After a slow start, mainly due to weather, in my opinion, the market is shaping up to have another strong year. With equity markets continually flirting with record highs and interest rates still rock bottom – makes sense.